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Supremely Tasty Puff Pastry Pizza Tart

My first #ElleAPalooza recipe was a beautifully flavored gazpacho from a beautifully spirited Elle. My favorite recipe of hers.

Now I bring the comfort.

Puff Pastry Pizza Tart

While I want to keep a positive and happy tone to my celebrating Elle this weekend, it is a somber and sad time. Recalling a life gone too soon is heartbreaking, especially when it was one that was joyous and happy and outspoken and caring.

Time for the comfort.

Elle knew comfort food.

This recipe is easy, quick, and can be customized to your flavor preferences. Melty cheese and flaky puff pastry surround my favorite Italian flavors.

basil mushroom puff pastry tart

I kept mine vegan, but followed Elle’s Supremely Tasty Puff Pastry Pizza Tart recipe for the most part. No meat (I did procure some vegan pepperoni but decided against it last minute), vegan cheese, piles of sauteed mushrooms, flavorful roasted red pepper and a huge bunch of fragrant fresh basil.

Comfort food at it’s best – and we can all use that today.

vegan puff pastry tart


Thinking of you, Elle.



  1. says

    Something about cheesy doughy goodness that even in the darkest time can offer comfort. Lovely tribute to a life gone too soon. Elle was a once in a lifetime friend.


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