crispy treat pumpkin patch

by Kristina Sloggett

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This week has brought some stresses – some that have tried my patience and some that are GOOD – remember there is something called eustress? Stress that is healthy or fulfilling.

Some exciting things happening, and I’ll talk about them soon!

In the meantime, my extra antsy hands worked while my mind processed. I used to have a pretty substantial solitaire habit, where I would process and plan during mindless mouse movements.

If it weren’t for these pumpkins, I would have been getting familiar with freecell this week.

A basic rice crispie treat or popcorn ball would work for these pumpkin patches of confection. I used my favorite, orange cardamom rice crispies.

I found some gelatin free and gluten free green jelly beans (actually free of many allergens!), green florist wire, and a lot of extra energy to expend.

Jason gave me some dark chocolate pomegranate seeds for my birthday. Little did I know they would make great jack o lanterns.

If I hadn’t colored these orange (SEELECT is natural / organic), they’d look like mummies. Hmm…

What flavor should I make the mummy treats? 


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