this is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloweenie?

by Kristina Sloggett

in Basil is a Young Sportsman

Saturday night…

We are all at home, having cancelled some really fun plans with my sister, her husband, and a group of friends. I also had to cancel a girls night out last night… I’m still sick.

So tonight we are catching up on Jon Stewart and decorating for Halloween. I have my lighted skulls out, and am finishing up my painted pumpkins. I’ll share when they are complete – I chose a fun theme this year.

The Halloweenie is sporting his second costume of the season.

In case you missed his first one, it’s a bit scarier:

Okay, no it’s not scary at all. It is just so dang cute.

Some of you may remember his previous costumes:

turtle dachshund, 2011


sub-pup, 2010


One bright spot that cheered me up while sick? A super awesome package in the mail! I love getting mail. I participated in Lindsay’s Care Package Swap this year, and I was lucky enough to have Lindsay herself as my swap partner.

She sent some awesome things:

Tomato paste, apricot paste, stuffed leaves (yum!), maple bitters (so excited about this), pepper jelly (you know I am excited about this!), tapenade.

Jalapeno pepper mini pops (does she know what I love or what?), ranch dip (yes, yes she does), green magma and blue algae – wait, blue algae nut butter!! So very intrigued, I cannot wait. I see cashews on there. Fun napkins, hibiscus tea (LOVE!), and seaweed snacks.

Baking cups and cooks twine (I’ve already used the twine, for a non food project!), apricots, soya powder. I am intrigued again – really excited to use the soya powder.

Perfect breakfast right here – french vanilla coffee and chocolate chia. So excited for this!

and oh my gosh, Sweet Gratitude! A a cookbook of Cafe Gratitude’s raw desserts – this is perfect for me and I already have so many pages bookmarked.

Gratitude. I have so much right now – thank you Lindsay, so much! This gift definitely made my day.

Hope you are all having a great weekend… I’m enjoying some couch time with Jason and Basil, and a piece of brownie bottomed cheesecake

so, have you ever seen a turtle without his shell?


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