this is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloweenie?

Saturday night…

We are all at home, having cancelled some really fun plans with my sister, her husband, and a group of friends. I also had to cancel a girls night out last night… I’m still sick.

So tonight we are catching up on Jon Stewart and decorating for Halloween. I have my lighted skulls out, and am finishing up my painted pumpkins. I’ll share when they are complete – I chose a fun theme this year.

The Halloweenie is sporting his second costume of the season.

In case you missed his first one, it’s a bit scarier:

Okay, no it’s not scary at all. It is just so dang cute.

Some of you may remember his previous costumes:

turtle dachshund, 2011


sub-pup, 2010


One bright spot that cheered me up while sick? A super awesome package in the mail! I love getting mail. I participated in Lindsay’s Care Package Swap this year, and I was lucky enough to have Lindsay herself as my swap partner.

She sent some awesome things:

Tomato paste, apricot paste, stuffed leaves (yum!), maple bitters (so excited about this), pepper jelly (you know I am excited about this!), tapenade.

Jalapeno pepper mini pops (does she know what I love or what?), ranch dip (yes, yes she does), green magma and blue algae – wait, blue algae nut butter!! So very intrigued, I cannot wait. I see cashews on there. Fun napkins, hibiscus tea (LOVE!), and seaweed snacks.

Baking cups and cooks twine (I’ve already used the twine, for a non food project!), apricots, soya powder. I am intrigued again – really excited to use the soya powder.

Perfect breakfast right here – french vanilla coffee and chocolate chia. So excited for this!

and oh my gosh, Sweet Gratitude! A a cookbook of Cafe Gratitude’s raw desserts – this is perfect for me and I already have so many pages bookmarked.

Gratitude. I have so much right now – thank you Lindsay, so much! This gift definitely made my day.

Hope you are all having a great weekend… I’m enjoying some couch time with Jason and Basil, and a piece of brownie bottomed cheesecake

so, have you ever seen a turtle without his shell?



  1. says

    So sorry you are still sick, dear! Sending healing hugs to you!

    Basil is cute in that new costume, but obviously he was framed. There’s no way sweet Basil (pun intended) committed a crime! πŸ˜‰


    • spabettie says

      thanks, Shirley! I’m getting better – this was a LONG cold!! and yes, Basil was definitely framed πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    I want that pup at my house immediately. Our lab grew up with a dachsie but the owner couldn’t keep them any longer. So they went to two separate families. My point is…my lab would love up Basil as she loved Bowman.

  3. says

    lol…love the canine-convict-on-the-run costume!
    Lots of yumful booty…hurray for Lindsay for organizing such a cool swap! All good stuff!

    • spabettie says

      thanks, I am getting there, hopefully just another day or two… finally went out and about today :) and yes, PUPPY. πŸ˜€

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