garbanzo cookie balls

by Kristina Sloggett

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Remember my post-vacation shopping trip? The first thing I made was fresh juice. The second?

Christin’s chocolate chip cookie dough bean balls!

I have made two batches already. These are insanely good.

First, though, did you know how easy it is to peel a chickpea? Well, the canned ones anyway. Pour them into a strainer and rinse. As you are rinsing, pick one up and squeeze it with your fingers, the skin comes off and the pea flies back into the strainer with the others…

It’s actually kind of calming and meditative… until you get to a point where you think you have to be done. You keep picking them up and skins keep coming off. You start to think the entire pea is layers of skin and soon you will be left with a pile of pea skin, no peas. :D

It really does make whatever you are making that much smoother. I don’t know if it matters with these cookie balls, but, like I said, meditative. Sometimes you have to take it where you can.

I came home from vacation to all kinds of goodies in the mail, including a package of new product from Enjoy Life. One thing I love and will be buying because we are eating them straight out of the bag, their new Mega Chunks. They are free of dairy, nuts and soy, but not flavor! Like all Enjoy life products, they are also gluten free and are really tasty.

I used these in place of the chocolate chips in the recipe. I made half batches of Christin’s recipe, modifying by using only:

peanut butter
brown rice flour
vanilla stevia
water instead of almond milk

These are so amazing – I love baking with beans. Thank you to Christin for inspiring me to finally try a cookie dough ball!

They are awesome right out of the oven, of course, when the chocolate is melty. They are also amazing after they’ve cooled, they are soft and almost taste like a doughnut.

Seriously, make these now. I cannot stress this enough. :D

I’m making another batch tonight.

What is your favorite cookie? Have you ever baked with beans? Besides baked beans? ha!

*Disclaimer – while Enjoy Life sent me free product for review, I am never compensated for a positive review. My opinions are my own.

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