quick and easy classic fudge

by Kristina Sloggett

in Dessert,Gluten Free,Vegan

I have developed a sweet tooth.

It began while we were on vacation – I remember the exact moment. We were sitting on the beach, and a girl came by selling fresh doughnuts. I said no, but then immediately after she was gone, I wanted one.

I thought of that girl and her doughnuts for days. We moved up the coast to a more private beach, where people selling things didn’t come around as often.

I could not get those doughnuts out of my mind.

I started looking for substitutions – each time we dined out, I ordered dessert. Each time we stopped by a market, I looked at the chocolate. I bought chocolate. I bought de la Rosa peanut confections.

Those are good.

We returned home from vacation. Along with several bottles of tequila and a new piece of luggage we had to check, I brought along my sweet tooth.

Thankfully, my friend Shirley had just the thing for me – a quick and easy classic fudge recipe. She makes hers with egg nog.

I adapted mine to a vegan version, using Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread, dark chocolate cocoa and almond milk. and a stove.

Then I promptly made a second batch, and swirled peanut butter throughout.

Quick. Easy. Microwave + freezer = fudge in your face in under an hour.

Thank you, Shirley, this recipe is perfect!

My sweet tooth loves you.


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