bottles in ice – last minute party idea

by Kristina Sloggett

in cocktails

Hosting or attending a party this New Years Eve? This is a fun and quick addition to any last minute prep you might be doing.

Start with a bottle of your favorite liquor, and a milk carton that fits the bottle (a pint bottle fits in a quart carton, a 750ml bottle fits in a half gallon carton).

Cut the top off the carton, place (full) bottle inside. Fill with whatever you like – I have used everything from citrus slices or small plastic cocktail monkeys to sequins and glitter. This time I used mandarin, lemon and lime slices. Fit them around the bottle, using a knife to push them all around the bottle.

Fill bottle with water and place in freezer – it becomes a block of ice around the bottle, and a fun centerpiece to your beverage offerings. Remember to have a plate for it to sit on as the ice melts.


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