Oregon Holiday Gift Guide

Today I am sharing with you my unabashedly subjective gift guide. Nothing here is sponsored, they are simply my favorite local companies. My favorites from Oregon. My favorite food gifts from Oregon. I wish I could send every one of you a big gift basket of all the things! 



Podnah's Pit

Podnah’s Pit.

Podnah’s Pit is an extremely popular barbecue joint here in Portland, and by virtue of all that is barbecue, that means I have not eaten there. I know many of you would like it, and I can say that Podnah’s three sauces are fantastic. I make my own vegan barbecue with them. This mustard sauce is a fantastic sandwich spread as well… that sandwich is my latest homemade obsession.


Noble Pig.

I have been reading Cathy’s blog Noble Pig for a long time, devouring her stunning photos and tasty recipes, following her family’s journey from California on their move to Oregon’s Wine Country. They now own Noble Pig Vineyard and Winery. Jason and I have been wine club members for some time, and we gift this wine often. Beautiful wines – there are only a handful of states (four?) that they cannot ship to. 


Butler Foods Soy Curls.

If you are making foodie gifts, Soy Curls should be added to the vegan ones. Everyone loves these, right? Okay, well everyone knows I love these. Made right here in Oregon, and can be found online at my favorite, Food Fight.

Some of my favorite soy curls creations include curried chikn salad, buffalo dip three ways, and African peanut stew.


Julie's Original Baking Mix

Julie’s Original. 

My friend Julie just released her first two baking mixes, Julie’s Original white cake mix and fudge brownie mix (vegan and gluten free!). Made as is according to directions, they are so SO very good, and used in conjunction with other recipes they are phenomenal! Julie’s incredibly creative recipes work great with these mixes. I am so excited for her, and cannot wait for the line to expand! Locals can find these at New Seasons and other local stores, everyone else can order online from Food Fight.


Oregon Olive Mill

Oregon Olive Mill.

Oh My. What can I even say about Oregon Olive Mill and their oils  – Arbequina, Tuscan, and Koroneiki – my favorites in that order. Beautifully and vibrantly spicy in flavor, once you try these you will not buy the regular again. This shop also carries many other Oregon Made gifts – lavender items, wine, balsamic. Divine.

If you live in Oregon, a visit to the property is highly recommended.


Masala Pop

Masala Pop!

Mmm, Indian Spiced Popcorn. Masala Pop is organic, non gmo, gluten free – and a couple varieties are vegan (the Chai Masala and the Coconut Curry). These make a flavorful and fun addition to a gift basket, or a perfect gift on their own.


Portlandia ketchup

Portland Ketchup Company.

I know, I know. Just hear me out. Portlandia Foods ketchup is the bomb. Sweet and savory and fruity all at once, and healthy too – they wanted a condiment without all the junk, as they believe “HFCS” and GMO” should not ever be part of a food product. Did I say it was tasty good?


The Meadow

The Meadow.

I. Love. This. Shop. They carry a whole bunch of just a few things: salt, chocolate, bitters, flowers. I want to hang out in this shop all day long. Their salts are incredible, the bitters selection is vast and flavorful. In their smallest location, they carry 250+ bars of chocolate on the wall (delectable!), and the larger location has a wall made of salt. Like, a salt block, only bigger. Wall size. Two locations in Portland (Mississippi and 23rd Ave), and one location in New York. You can also order online.

Goodness gracious do it! 


Oregon beers

Portland Beer.

I had to include it, yes? We Portlanders are serious about our ales, and I have chosen three favorites to share with you. These styles may not be your favorite, but I am nearly positive these brewers will have something that IS your choice!

Heater Allen Handcrafted: Smooth like a lager, rich and hearty like an amber – Coastal mixes three malts from Europe and the States with two hop varieties including Cascade, grown here in Oregon. Heater Allen is brewed in McMinneville.

Rogue Brewing: One of Oregon’s favorites. Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve Ale is potent and frothy with hints of nutmeg and pine, and a hearty kick of hops. Brewed annually for a seasonal limited batch, this uses Rogue’s own “Pacman” yeast strain (which is currently munching up a batch of apple cider in the Spabettie Lab). Originally from Ashland, Rogue has breweries in Portland (Flanders in Northwest) and our favorite in Newport.

Pelican Pub and Brewery: Pelican’s Imperial is a Double India Pale Ale with a feisty Northwest kick! Fresh citrus notes hang over a generously hopped light malt. We love the Pelican Pub for watching the sun say goodnight (get there early) behind Haystack Rock…



    • Kristina Sloggett says

      that is so funny, I almost included the Aardvark, because we love it so much… then I thought this would be too condiment heavy… then I thought who cares, I love condiments! and Aarkvark! then I forgot, and didn’t have one to take a photo of.

      ***added to the list! Aardvark hot Sauce!! Laura Approved!***

  1. says

    Yay, Portland food! I agree 100% on the beer (especially because there seems to be no good oatmeal stout in the SF Bay for some reason). I think my favorite Portland food gift is COFFEE. Such an amazing variety of great small-batch roasts!

  2. says

    I’m so glad you mentioned Portland ketchup because it.is.my.favorite. Hands down. I get so sad when I see places that DON’T have it on their tables. Yum.


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