Fresh and Flavorful Avocado Shiitake Spring Rolls

Fresh and Flavorful Avocado Shiitake Spring Rolls

Fresh and Flavorful Avocado Shiitake Spring Rolls – for those light meals you crave as the weather warms up, with crispy crunchy creamy textures and bright flavor!


We have had some beautiful sunny days recently! It may be cold, and it may even rain in parts of the day, but then the rain stops and the sun comes out, and it is almost… warm.

I am so ready for spring to get here I can hardly stand it. I am already digging out my open toed shoes. It always goes back to shoes, doesn’t it?

I am also working on some house projects – painting walls, painting a couple of furniture pieces, finishing rooms. I know, finally. I’m excited to share some of the things I’m working on – I’ll post photos soon.

Fresh and Flavorful Avocado Shiitake Spring Rolls

Back to spring.

and food.

When the weather starts getting warmer, I start craving fresh foods. Big salads, more fresh juice, raw foods. Spring rolls!

These are crispy crunchy, fresh and flavorful. I wrap these in the morning and bring with me to the hospital where I can snack on them all day. Perfectly satisfying and one of those foods that just make you feel good, you know?

Fresh and Flavorful Avocado Shiitake Spring Rolls

Also? Before you rehydrate the shiitake, you should probably do this.

avocado shiitake spring rolls

dairy, egg, soy, and gluten free, vegan

makes six rolls

rice paper wrappers
1 avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced
3/4 cup cooked rice noodles
1/3 cup raw cashew pieces
6 tablespoons spicy almond coconut sauce (plus extra for dipping)
6 large shiitake mushroom slices, rehydrated
1/2 orange bell pepper, sliced into matchsticks

rice paper hydrating technique:

have a large plate/surface ready to fill/roll wrapper (and have fillings prepped and ready!). hold wrapper under water faucet running cool water, getting both sides of wrapper wet. remove from water and while still firm, place on plate and begin to fill – rice paper will soften as it sits, but will not be so soft that it sticks to the surface or rips when handling.

In small bowl, combine 6 tablespoons spicy almond coconut sauce with rice noodles and cashew pieces.

Building rolls: place 3 slices avocado in middle of rice paper. top with 2 tablespoons sauced rice noodles, one slice shiitake and 4-5 slices bell pepper. Roll like a burrito – fold short sides over, turn and fold one long side over and roll / tuck / roll / tuck until completely enclosed.

Fresh and Flavorful Avocado Shiitake Spring Rolls

Are you ready for spring? Are you covered in snow?




  1. says

    Those are beautiful!
    As for spring, BRING. IT. ON. I have to work from home again today because we got hit with another 6-7 inches of heavy wet snow last night and my road won’t be plowed until probably tomorrow. Better safe than sorry, so I’m on house arrest. Ugh. It’s so frustrating, and I’m so ready for warmer weather–and easier commutes!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      you have had so much snow… I cannot even imagine. I’m hoping the warm weather finds you soon!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      you should try just quickly running them under water, really! get them completely wet, they’ll still be stiff, place them on the plate to fill, they soften up. much easier to work with :)

  2. says

    Rice paper rolls definitely scream summer to me. Here in NorCal it is just starting to warm up–although our lows weren’t too low to begin with. :) Raw cashews and almond sauce sound so good with avocado!

  3. says

    SO READY FOR SPRING!!! We’ve been thinking about home projects too — dying to have freshly painted rooms again, trying to freshen up our place a bit and paint ALWAYS does the trick, I just hate doing the actual painting, can I hire you?? 😉

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I am painting my office this weekend, a bright color too! :) I’ll come paint with ya – how fun would that be!?

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      uh oh – failed attempt? I hope the second try goes smoother – I really think my technique of quickly running the papers under water works well – they are easy to lay flat on the plate and continue to soften as you fill them.

      and yeah, the sauce… and a spoon…

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I wish we could sit at my kitchen table together and enjoy these rolls. and conversation. for hours. XXO

  4. says

    I found your spring rolls (and blog!) via Pinterest and wanted to let you know that YOU are the reason I finally got over my fear of rice paper!

    I made your rolls minus the mushrooms (haven’t gotten over my dislike for them enough yet) on Tuesday and then experimented like crazy yesterday!

    I also mentioned you (quite a few times) in my blog today: – hope you don’t mind. :)

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      so happy you conquered the rice paper, Amanda! I know it’s intimidating, but it’s actually pretty easy, right? your rolls look great!

      • says

        Thanks so much – yes!! So much easier than I expected. They get kind of rubbery to the touch instead of the squishy/melt-into-counter consistency that I was fearing. I think I made about 5 batches in 2 weeks and have gone through all of my almond butter three times over. I also blame this recipe and you for getting back into eating the proper amount of veggies!

  5. says

    Made these for our family dinner tonight and they were devoured! (Amidst a potluck full of comfort food casseroles – I’m the lone vegan) :)

    The sauce is to die for…I had a feeling it would be, and doubled it from the start – thank goodness!

    Was a little worried about the amount of rice products since I have issues with blood sugar, but I checked after eating and everything was peachy.

    Had to send the rest of them home with the family or I may have eaten them all night 😉 Your directions for the rice paper wrappers worked perfectly. I had not seen these in their ‘dry’ form before, and had definitely never worked with them before, but I didn’t do half bad! Can’t wait to see what I can stuff in them next time….

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      hi Joan, there is a link to the recipe for spicy sauce. if you mean the sriracha that is part of the recipe, I am not sure where to find sriracha in Canada, but it is an Asian hot sauce that is generally found in the Asian section of condiments. hope that helps, Kristina

  6. says

    I JUST made spring rolls for a column that I do – so much fun to make! I love your version though and hadn’t thought to add avocado – doing that next time! We order spring rolls at least once a week from a Vietnamese place nearby, so it was about time I started making some at home.

  7. says

    I can’t wait for spring either. Here in Houston, it’s cold one day and warm the next and I’m so ready for sandals (yes, it all goes back to shoes…) These sounds so good. I’ve only worked with rice paper wrappers once but you’ve inspired me to do it again.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      you definitely should, Alice – these are one of our favorites, especially in the warmer months – they are so light and fresh!

  8. says

    I ATE similar rolls today, except they had smoked duck in them. However, there was this twat next to me who took out all the filling and only ate the cilantro.

    She (and I) could have used this. Mainly for that shitake mushrooms because those are delicious. #halfasianpride


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