red plum and fig jam

I think it is just human nature for some people to not read instructions. To not read articles, blog posts (I learned that almost immediately), really much of anything.

I do read, I really really do.

fig and plum jam

Then sometimes my brain turns jelly to jam.


Meatless Monday this [click to continue…]


fresh squash blossoms spabettie

My favorite farmers market find lately – squash blossoms.

I didn’t plant any squash this year, so I have been chomping at the bit patiently awaiting their arrival at the markets. Because I had the most wonderful flavored cheese waiting to pair with these little beauties. I brought them home and immediately got to work (they do not last long, use them same day if you can find them).

Dijon apricot goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms spabettie

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roasted garlic and raspberry Big Salad

My mom and I have been known to roast two or three heads of garlic and eat them for lunch. All of it, all the cloves. With crackers or bread.

So good.

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Yesterday was our last day of vacation – it was sunny and beautiful and hot and we have sunburns and the dogs are plumper and we are all happy as clams.

It’s time to cool off, and I have fourteen tasty ways to do so. Join me, won’t you?


cherry sorbet champagne floats


lemongrass ice cream

lemongrass ice cream


chocolate peanut butter coffee pops


roasted plum ice cream


sparkly spiked cran-raspberry granita


ginger maple miso ice cream


lightened up Piña Coladas


strawberry walnut kulfi

strawberry walnut kulfi


cherry cheesecake pops with shortbread crumb


raspberry lemonade pops


blood orange tequila floats

blood orange sorbet – tequila floats


cherry lime drop popsicles 


blackberry cheesecake ice cream


bottles in ice – fun party presentation! 


What is your favorite way to cool off in the summertime?



fresh gingered Anjou pear cobbler

It is officially summer.

Okay, not for another couple weeks, I suppose, but for me? Summertime is here.

fresh gingered Anjou pear cobbler

We are having bright warm sunny days – mid eighties all this week – and light nights where we enjoy some good patio time.

The warmer temperatures bring cravings for lighter foods. What is the phenomenon that hot summer days = lighter appetites? Even if dinnertime is comprised of lighter fare, dessert is still a must, am I right?

fresh gingered Anjou pear cobbler

The farmers markets are again the source of my delights – lusciously sweet Anjou pears eaten in the car on the way home. Several were saved long enough to create a smashingly impressive dessert that is so easy to make, with real simple ingredients.

Topping things with buttery caramel? Definitely.

Please visit me at Attune to see this summery recipe:

fresh gingered Anjou pear cobbler

fresh gingered Anjou pear cobbler



double vanilla ice cream with gingerbread cake swirl

June 5 is National Gingerbread Day.

While I would have thought this day would more appropriately fall during the holidays, I love all things ginger and ginger bread, so I [click to continue…]



Ginger Maple Miso Ice Cream

This is absolutely, positively hands down my number one most favorite ice cream ever.

These flavors - sweet and salty, rich and savory, almost french toasty – are just so good together. Combining them into an ice cream has been on my mind for some time, and I am [click to continue…]


sweet cream roasted peach bruschetta

I think of her nearly every day, but I really miss my best friend Katie on this day.

I miss visiting my favorite city, and the adventurous escapades we had there.

I simply miss my favorite city. Still my favorite, but not the same. Katie no longer lives there, and the twin towers are no longer visible from her apartment window.

sweet cream roasted peach crostini

Eleven years ago on September 10th, I spent my very last day in [click to continue…]