Raspberry Chia Cream Smoothie

Raspberry Chia Cream Smoothie – a brightly flavored, satisfying and hydrating cream smoothie to power you through your day – use your favorite fresh fruit of the season!

Raspberry Chia Cream Smoothie

some random thoughts in my head lately:

The “you catch more bees with honey…” sentiment really is true – I have had to assert myself several times lately, and I find the successful result is quick when I am calm yet persistent. And always nice.

The days I work at home, no errands to run, no reason to be out at all? GREAT hair day. When I have an important in person meeting, it looks like I just walked in from a tornado-cane.

What is probably the dirtiest, germ-iest place in a hospital? The dispenser you push for antibacterial gel.

I was looking at a list of art pieces hanging in the Hawaii house and Dad’s house here. One piece is called “Diane Sloggett as Auntie Mame”. Diane is my grandmother (I was named for her, my middle name being Diane) who died the day my parents found out I was a thing. Auntie Mame? Perhaps further proof I am my grandmothers reincarnation

The super important phone call you have been waiting for after playing phone tag for a week? Comes in while you are on an equally important phone call that you cannot even put on hold.

My mood increases significantly when I am able to grab one of the small basket-carts at the grocery store. It really is the little things…

Lately I have been running indoors, upstairs on my treadmill. Now that the weather is simply beautiful, I went to grab my outdoor running shoes. There was a huge black spider in one!  *shudder* Guess I shouldn’t go so long between outdoor runs…

Working and re-working a recipe for weeks (um, like once a week for several weeks…) until you get it just perfect? Yeah, that’s perfect.

Lemons. I cannot get enough lemons lately, I want to infuse that flavor into all the things. Like this smoothie. Lemon adds that brightness I love. I could drink these lemony sweet smoothies all day.

Raspberry Chia Cream Smoothie

raspberry-chia cream smoothie

dairy, soy, and gluten free, vegan, raw

makes one smoothie


12 ounces raw coconut water
juice of 1 lemon
1/3 cup raw cashews
1/2 pint organic raspberries
2 tablespoons chia seeds


In high speed blender, combine coconut water, lemon juice and cashews, blend at highest speed until smooth. Add raspberries and chia seeds, blend until smooth. Enjoy immediately.

Raspberry Chia Cream Smoothie


what’s new with you lately?




  1. says

    Sounds so refreshing! I’ve never had lemon in a smoothie, but I love the sound of it. Can’t wait for it to get warmer so I can drink smoothies all the time!

  2. says

    Oh my! I made this with a couple of changes. soaked cashews, coconut milk, frozen berries. This was sooooooooo dreamy!! Oh my belly has been full and happy all day. It is way past lunch but I am still satisfied. It was like a raspberry shake!
    Another winner!

  3. says

    What a glorious smoothie, Kristina! So many chuckle-worthy and poignant points shared here. My hair always looks phenomenal right before I go to bed. No kidding! My hairdresser told me it’s because the natural oils have come out/back hours after shampooing. Kind of crazy since my hair is a total disaster in the mornings with too much natural oil. 😉 Of course, you know that I love that expression “you catch more bees with honey.” It can be challenging at times to carry that philosophy out though. Kudos to you!


  4. says

    Ahhh I love the gif! So fun. And it totally makes me wish it was me slurping that smoothie down. Lemon! And raspberry. Great combo. Also, I too become giddy when the smaller carts are available — they’re so popular, why don’t they just offer us more of them?!

  5. says

    When we moved to the South (AKA where giant poisonous spiders live), I developed this extreme paranoia about spiders in my shoes. I check for spiders every time I put them on. So thank you for confirming my fear!

    I am on a cashew cream kick, but I have yet to put cashews in a smoothie. Going to have to do that soon!

  6. Lora @cakeduchess says

    I may have a lemon tree out here from my dad’s (still haven’t been able to determine if it is lemon or lime;)It’s tiny, but the potential is there:)Love this smoothie idea. I need to get chia seeds!

  7. says

    This smoothie sounds fascinating. I actually had beet juice recently with golden beets, an orange, some strawberries and the juice from half a lemon. Spring makes me crave citrus.
    What’s new with me? Lots of yard work, which means the weather is cooperating and seeing my herbs and raspberry bushes come back.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I think I crave citrus all the time – lemon in everything lately (even my pizza today…) 😉

      so jealous of your raspberry bushes…

  8. says

    I *hate* having to go outside for working! Hate-hate-hate! I’m soooooooo NOT a self-presenter – I tend to feel awkward in public – and I have my difficulties with being on time. Moreover, being away from home means constant need-fulfillment stress. For instance: Hungry – almost 100 % security I won’t find anything applicable unless I completely self-supply (= large, heavy backpack). My usual suffering from the much-too-frequent need to visit the bathroom (= planning every sip I drink in advance when I know I’ll have to, say, sustain a 90 minutes lecture or seminar). Sensory susceptibility – put somebody into the same room and most likely I won’t be able to focus on my work anymore because he makes noises (he *breathes*!). Waah. So yeah, I’m much more relaxed when I work at home, where I can make something Kath-compatible to eat when I get hungry, grab another mug of tea or americano with almond milk when I feel like, hop over to my piano or grab my guitar when I need a break from reading and thinking, and so on. I like to hide behind my computer, books, or a musical instrument. Don’t look at me, please. Just ignore me. Hubby is an exception though. He’s organically part of the environment. 😉

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      “he’s organically part of the environment” – and I am so happy you have that, my friend. I know what you mean – I have some of the same issues (when I REALLY need to think, I need quiet – I don’t know how people can go to coffee shops to work!). and yes, being caught somewhere without proper food choices – not a happy Kris.


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