pizza pepper jacks

by Kristina Sloggett

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The other day, I received a major indicator of the arrival of fall and the arrival of Halloween – the annual email announcing the Corn Maize!

There is a haunted maize and a ‘normal’ one – this year the design incorporates Portlandia, our statue, with Portlandia the awesome television series.

They put a bird on it.

As our evenings get cooler, this is also when I start carving bell peppers – practice for the pumpkins to come.

Who doesn’t like pizza flavor? See my pizza pepper jacks recipe here.

I made these “pepper jacks” for something special – the Foodie Back To School Cookbook! Perfect for fall, perfect for back to school, perfect kid friendly fun food that gets a couple vegetables in (there are greens hidden in the pizza polenta).

This is one of two recipes I have featured – I am honored and excited to be alongside some fantastic bloggers and their recipes in this cookbook!

…and because the folks at Foodie are so dang cool, you can all see the entire cookbook contents here! My recipes are on pages 74 and 134.

I love Halloween.


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