Double Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies

Double Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies – a light, fluffy and flavorful cookie with a dose of healthy fats and a double dose of chocolate goodness!


Double Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies @spabettie



Double Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies @spabettie

Welcome to chocolate week, part two! But honestly, isn’t every week chocolate week?

I chose a recipe with chocolate, but I think the star in this case is avocado. Many of you know I love my dark chocolate, and it is essential here, but the avocado makes these cookies positively melt in your mouth fluffy soft.

So very rich and flavorful, too.

Look at that puffy fluffy:

Double Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies @spabettie

I chose Laura’s chocolate avocado cookies from last week, and am so happy I did. Some of the best cookies I have had in a while. I used her vegan version (using flax + water in place of egg, in addition to a tiny teaspoon of Ener-G egg replacer powder).

I also used more chocolate chips, because that is just how I do.

The cookie dough seemed more like a batter, so I placed the whole bowl in the freezer for several minutes to firm it up, before scooping it into cookies.

The result is a very flavorful, soft and fluffy cookie. Seriously melt in your mouth – so good.

Double Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies @spabettie

Have you used avocado in baking before? Please do so as soon as possible – starting with this recipe!





  1. says

    MORE chocolate chips is how to roll! I will have to visit her blog! I saw that she started that fun link up a while back, bet lots of awesome recipe link ups like yours!

    Hope your weekend was great and say hi to dad for me! <3 xoxo Always thinking of you guys!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      more chocolate ALL THE TIME πŸ˜‰

      and thank you, as always. we need the love now more than ever <3

  2. says

    I’ve seen a few avocado cookie recipes lately and you know how much I love the green goodness. Considering how buttery it is, I guess it makes sense for the cookies!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      it absolutely makes sense – I cannot wait to experiment, as you know I will πŸ˜‰

  3. Sam says

    Yours look much more appealing than the pictures in the other blog…I think due to the lighter color! Did you use less cocoa powder?

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      hi Sam, not sure why the difference in color – I followed the recipe quantities exactly; I did mash the avocado very well, which may have lightened the cookie dough more? (the original recipe has more pieces of avocado it seems). either way, an amazing cookie! :)

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I know… SO good! :) being a healthy fat, I suppose it is a replacement for oil/butter…

  4. says

    I have never used avocados in baking before–they all seem to fall into my mouth on toast, or on top of tacos, or maybe chopped up in salads. But! These cookies look so soft and fluffy and delicious that I may have to give it a try. :)

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I know… any given day you can find me standing in the kitchen, holding a half avocado, salt and a spoon… Mmm…

  5. says

    I love using avocados in anything, but especially desserts. I made some chocolate chip cookies using avocados and they were great! But since chocolate is my first love, I think I’m gonna have to try these next time.

  6. Lora @cakeduchess says

    All I want is one of these cookies! I have got to start baking with avocados and first will be these cookies:)

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I wish we could sit and drink coffee (or cocktail?) and chat over a plate of these cookies! <3

  7. says

    Everyone seems to be making this recipe and I need to get on the bandwagon! I even have some frozen avocado stored up (and yup, I’ll go your rout and add in some extra chocolate goodness ;D )

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