Brunch-Perfect Baked Blueberry Custards

Brunch-Perfect Baked Blueberry Custards

Brunch-Perfect Baked Blueberry Custards – a rich and creamy fruit custard on a crunchy crumb base, a unique breakfast that is perfect for your next weekend brunch!


Remember when I confessed to food obsessions, happily enjoying something sometimes twice in one day? I already know this recipe is going to be my next obsession – it is so SO perfect and delicious as is, and I am already thinking of other flavors…

My friend Sarena describes herself as a repeat food offender. She is the genius behind this recipe. As if I don’t already owe this girl so much gratitude for just being awesome, Thank You Sarena.

Brunch-Perfect Baked Blueberry Custards

This is a healthy breakfast that could honestly double as a great dessert!

I followed Sarena’s recipe, using So Delicious cultured coconut yogurt (mixed with more blueberries) and the stevia I used was the new lemon flavor – blueberry and lemon is always a good combination. I did make an addition – I added a crispy blueberry cookie base. (The cookie is a recipe I developed for someone else, and just happens to be blueberry. If I can share it here I will).

I was like an impatient kid at Christmas – checking the oven every five minutes. So worth the wait.


Visit Sarena to get the recipe – blueberry baked yogurt. Then go make it.

Such great flavor, and so fluffy:

Brunch-Perfect Baked Blueberry Custards

I cannot wait to make more…





  1. Lora @cakeduchess says

    I’ve been thinking of this since I saw it the other day. I’ve been craving it for breakfast. Then in the evening I think how nice it would be for dessert…you temptress;)


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