Basil and His Cactus


We found out recently that Basil has cancer.

I know. I cannot even talk about it.

Last week, I told Jason that when the time comes, I do not want Sweet Basil to leave us in the environment of a cold sterile vet office. I do not want Basil’s final moments to be filled with the anxious fear he has every time we go to the vet.

I said I would pay any amount of money to have our doc come here, to our house. To Basil’s yard. His grass. His sunshine.

Basil Dachshund

This turned into something of a plan. Basil’s Best Day.

Where he eats all the foods. He squeaks all the squeaky toys. And he is home, in his grassy yard, surrounded by love and comfort. We have been talking about it ever since. The foods. The squeakies. The making our sweet pet comfortable and happy, all of the rest of his days.

Last night I saw this – A Dog’s Final Day.

Oh, wow. As if I have not been crying enough already these last couple weeks.

But it made my heart smile, too. This is exactly what I have been planning! I love that this pup got his day. Basil will have his day. I will do anything to make it happen.

Sweet Basil

We love you, Sweet Basil Bud.



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