Basil and His Cactus


We found out recently that Basil has cancer.

I know. I cannot even talk about it.

Last week, I told Jason that when the time comes, I do not want Sweet Basil to leave us in the environment of a cold sterile vet office. I do not want Basil’s final moments to be filled with the anxious fear he has every time we go to the vet.

I said I would pay any amount of money to have our doc come here, to our house. To Basil’s yard. His grass. His sunshine.

Basil Dachshund

This turned into something of a plan. Basil’s Best Day.

Where he eats all the foods. He squeaks all the squeaky toys. And he is home, in his grassy yard, surrounded by love and comfort. We have been talking about it ever since. The foods. The squeakies. The making our sweet pet comfortable and happy, all of the rest of his days.

Last night I saw this – A Dog’s Final Day.

Oh, wow. As if I have not been crying enough already these last couple weeks.

But it made my heart smile, too. This is exactly what I have been planning! I love that this pup got his day. Basil will have his day. I will do anything to make it happen.

Sweet Basil

We love you, Sweet Basil Bud.




  1. says

    I am so sorry. I also saw that link, I suppose it went viral, but I could not read it to the end, I cried so much…

    I put several of my best friends to sleep, and having a 15.5 year old dog who is getting weaker and weaker as each week goes by, makes this a delicate subject

    I know you will do the best for Basil, but these are painful times, very very painful

  2. says

    I’ve been there and I’m so, so sorry to hear this news. But as you know, Basil is a fighter (and a lover, but a fighter when it counts.) Who knows how long any of us have left? I’m sure Basil will enjoy the rest of his life knowing he is loved and cherished, a way that we all hope to feel :) You know where to find me, my friend. XO

  3. Rachel R. says

    This is literally the first entry of yours I have ever read (just stumbled across your blog looking for vegan blogs to read) but had to leave a note with my sympathy. Saying goodbye to our furry best friends is so hard.

    And I have to leave a vote of support for your plan to have your vet visit your house on Basil’s last day. We just lost our rottie/shepherd mix, Petey, a couple of months ago, and that’s exactly what we did – best decision we could have made. He was lying in his own bed, with me and my husband and our other dogs around, and he just went to sleep. Even though we love our vet (and they loved Petey), having her come to our house was so much better than a sterile doctor’s office.

    And I have not watched the video – too soon!

  4. Carbzilla says

    Oh honey, I’m so sorry. We went through this and also did it at home. Cady was actually having a really good day and even brought the vet a toy. It was one of the most painful days of our lives but we did it as best we could. Big hugs.

  5. says

    Oh friend, I am so so SO sorry. I can’t watch the video either, still feels so fresh for me as well. I of course feel for you so much, having gone through this and love your approach to your sweet pup. It is one of the hardest things in life to endure, I truly believe, hard to even express, but you have such support and strength all around you. Know that. XOXOXO

  6. Beth says

    I’m so sorry. I grew up with dachshunds. And all of the pets my husband and I have had together have had cancer. It’s so unfair!
    I don’t know where you live, but there are vets who do hospice and in-home euthanasia. You can look here: The site also has some excellent resources about making the last days comfortable.

  7. says

    There just aren’t words to say how sorry I am. You have had such a tough patch and now this. I love your approach of having sweet Basil at home where he is happy. Know that my thoughts are with you! XO

  8. says

    All of the moments that you’ve had together and continue to have are full of love and magic…try to stay in the “here and now” and relish and celebrate every last ounce out of it. When the time comes, your plans sound wise…until then, let go of the future and just be together.
    Blessed be.

  9. Maura says

    I am so, so sorry to hear about Basil. I am struggling through the same thing with my dear cat Samantha and I know how heartbreaking it is. I had just seen that post about Duke on Sunday, was so moved by it, although it left me bawling. You and Basil are in my prayers. Enjoy every moment you have together.

  10. Karen says

    So sorry about your sweet Basil! We lost our beloved Chewbacca (pitbull) to cancer 6 weeks ago. He was 12. I still look for his smiling face in the front window where he waited for us to return from work everyday. The crying episodes are getting farther apart, but the pain remains. Crying a few tears for you this morning too. I applaud you for letting him go in his own home. I was unable to do that, but held him in my arms as he breathed his last breath.

  11. says

    I’m so sorry about Basil, I have an older dog too and I know this time will come, but it’s so hard. Our dogs aren’t our pets, they really are our family, our children. I love that you want his final days to be filled with joy and love! Praying for you guys. *Hugs*

  12. michelle geil says

    Sending you love, sympathy and comfort and prayers for Basil. Wishing you beautiful memories – you obviously love him deeply, and that love is returned now and forever. I too saw the video and was so moved by it. It’s a reminder, too, to love each other every day, and make every day the best we can. You are blessed by Basil’s love too!

  13. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about Basil. I saw that Dog’s Final Day post a few weeks ago and I vowed that I would do the same thing for Mr. Barney Stinson when that time comes. My worry is that it’ll be his back that goes out and that he’ll be in too much pain to enjoy his last day. Poor little Basil. :(

  14. says

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know it leaves a huge hole in your family. I always loved Basil through your posts and photos. My heart aches for you. Maple pup has been with us for 3 months and now I really understand the unconditional love – on both ends – of having a fur child. I share in your grief and send lots of love and prayers. <3


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