citrus pickled onions

citrus pickled onions

Thirty minutes.

That’s about all the time you need before you too can have your own jar of bright pretty pink pickled onions. Pink pickled onions that taste amazing.

One of our favorite pubs here in Portland includes pickled onions on their basic side salad. I love that salad. I always ask for extra pickled onions.

Years ago I made pickles with a friend – I remember it being an all day event – we had so much fun and ended up with fantastic dill pickles. Because of that all day pickle project, every time I would consider making my own pickled onions, I figured it was an all day thing to save for a weekend, preferably with a friend along for the fun.

Recently I had a craving, so I looked up pickled onion recipes online – there are several techniques out there, but their similarity is that they all look easy and quick.

Now I have a large jar of citrus pickled onions, and they’ve been ending up on and in just about everything!

citrus pickled onions

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