cream cheese brownie fudge

I have had an unstoppable brownie craving recently. I’m giving in to it.

Just when I thought that salted caramel was the best thing to swirl into my new brownie fudge, I had another craving – cheesecake flavor. I have always loved a pastry with sweet cream cheese filling. I had to give into that craving too.

Today I am very excited to share a new project I am a part of, and once again find myself in the company of some extremely talented writers and chefs that I have looked up to for some time.

Foodie is a new website and community that launches today, featuring recipes and discussions from ‘The Foodie 100’. As a featured author, I am sharing recipes there that are not published on spabettie, like this one!

See my cream cheese brownie fudge on Foodie, and follow me there if you’d like. More fun things will unfold soon, including a Foodie blog and bios on each featured author in the Foodie 100.