Herrick Wedding

…my life changed.

I didn’t really know it yet, but I’d soon figure it out.

Thursday, December 16th I had an appointment at 2:00 in the afternoon – I was showing a potential renter an apartment in my building.

I was sitting in my office waiting, and 2:00 came and went. I was surprised, because although no-shows sometimes happened, this applicant was very detailed and, well, seemed like a sure thing.

This is a buzz-in locked entry 1920’s brick building – and at 10 minutes past 2, with no buzz from the front door, I left my office and went to walk the front grounds of the building. I swept the entry, chatted with some tenants, and eventually made [click to continue…]


Dreamy Dark Chocolate Oat Cream

Dreamy Dark Chocolate Oat Cream


Jason and I are having some holiday fun in Vegas – we saw Alabama in concert – amazing, and JFK in exhibition – and Jason behind the podium, and we have plans to visit Wynn and eat all the vegan food. My brother is watching our house back home, and thankfully it survived the storm with all trees intact.

For this month’s slideshow, I decided to look through my stats and find the top recipes of 2014, according to you. Of my recipes made this year, these are your favorites, by the numbers.

Seems your favorite foods are also some of mine, and many of you also like that food to be spicy. I am so glad you are here.


Pulled Porcini Sliders

Pulled Porcini Sliders


spicy Thai totchos

Spicy Thai Totchos 


See the Best of 2014 slideshow below:

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cheesy nacho mushroom melts

Cheesy Nacho Mushroom Melts








Bourbon Roasted Delicata Comfort Bowls

Whiskey Week

One whole week of whiskey – congratulations everyone, we made it through!

I really feel like I saved the best for last with these bowls. Serious comfort bowls, but it is all good stuff, you know? I have been eating these for lunch all week.

The exact same bowl, every day. It’s that kind of lunch that I will sometimes eat early because I have been thinking about it since breakfast. I love those kind of lunches. These bowls are brightly colored and vibrantly flavored – comfort food that satisfies but does not leave you needing a nap. [click to continue…]


Bentley Old Fashioned

Whiskey Week

Day Four of Whiskey Week!

Anyone else wanting me to extend this, even by a few days? I will see what I can do – I may have a couple more spirited recipes I can share.

Today, I have a deliciously warming cocktail, the Bentley Old Fashioned. I also want to share with you the book this recipe came from – a book that any whiskey aficionado would love!

The Whiskey Guide

Whiskey Week is the perfect time to share with you a great gift of a book, The North American Whiskey Guide From Behind The Bar : Real Bartenders’ Reviews of More Than 250 Whiskeys.

Who better than a bartender to know the ins and outs of all kinds of whiskeys? This is a true insiders guide, indeed:

Chad Berkey is the general manager of The Aero Club Bar in San Diego, which features over 800 different kinds of whiskey. Aero Club was named one of America’s Top Bars by Maxim and was featured in the New York Times 36 Hours in San Diego.

Jeremy LeBlanc is the senior bartender and head mixologist at ALTITUDE Sky Lounge, also in San Diego. Condé Nast names Altitude among the top ten rooftop bars in the world.

The Bentley Old Fashioned

Jason is the resident whiskey wiz in this house – he has an affinity for the old scotches and wants to visit Southwest Scotland someday – Islay is the county where many of his favorites come from (the campfire variety I mentioned the [click to continue…]


Whiskey Garlic Tofu over Vegetable Quinoa

I am loving Whiskey Week, glad you all are too!

Jason and I were out at a holiday party last night, and there was a bar set up for whiskey tasting. How perfect is that – we tasted a few good ones, and I am going to hunt one down. I may have to extend Whiskey Week…

Whiskey Week

This recipe has been made before.

Actually, I have made this several times. The first couple? Too sticky sweet. Oops. The first batch had to be chiseled away from the pan, like I was making hard candy lollypops alongside the tofu. Reducing sugar, adding [click to continue…]


Double Vanilla Whiskey Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce

Good to know people are totally in support of Whiskey Week!

Perhaps each month should start this way… January could be Irish Cream Week, and we can all just add it to our coffees each morning?

Whiskey Week

At any rate, Whiskey Week continues, and I am bringing in a creamy cool concoction – ice cream is not just for summertime around here. Oh if you only saw the inside of my freezer right now…

This is a spiked spin on the classic vanilla bean flecked cream – simplicity at its finest. and I just love those vanilla bean flecks.

Double Vanilla Whiskey Ice Cream

These recipes use a 10 year straight rye whiskey – WhistlePig.

I like this one – I like rye in general – because it is milder than some others we have. Jason is a fan of what I call [click to continue…]


Salted Caramel Bourbon Bonbons

Happy December and Happy Holidays!

I am kicking off the holiday festivities with Whiskey Week – all week we are talking bourbon, scotch, all things whiskey in cocktails and recipes. There are some tasty things made with our favorite spirits, from drinks to sweets to savory foods to… drinks!

Whiskey Week


First up, one of my favorite sweets to make – truffles! These were dragged through the snowy garden, to give them a festive wintery white coat. Chocolately sweet with just a hint of salted caramel, these always go quick from the party table.

Salted Caramel Bourbon Truffles


I am joining the holiday festivities today over at Keepin’ It Kind, where my friend Kristy is hosting a Vegan Cookie Swap Party!

Come on over, say hello and see my recipe for Salted Caramel Bourbon Bonbons.





Piña Colada Cheesecake Bars

I am way too excited about this recipe.

because of THIS:

Coco Whip

So Delicious recently released a coconut based whip topping, and it is good. I was able to preview a bunch of their new product and holiday seasonal items (fun stuff coming soon!), and this Coco Whip is what I was most excited about. You can find this in stores now. I have two tubs for this week alone.

Before this even landed on my doorstep, I knew exactly what I would make.

Piña Colada Dessert Bars

Growing up, our holiday table always included a jello salad.

Now, I have that same question many ask – why is this called salad?

Whatever it was originally called, back then it was my favorite. I have updated the original recipe from my Grandma Z, adding a pretzel shortbread crust and … well I don’t call it salad.

The main ingredients of a [click to continue…]