green acres

I will miss some things about the house we are leaving – the vast outdoor space, the remote quiet, the beautiful gardens.

Basil has already spotted a squirrel in our new yard, so he is quite happy.

The skies are just as blue at the new house, and the natural light more abundant!

We made many great memories here over the years, and we look forward to making new ones in our new home!

Happy Sunday.


ducks in the pool

This always makes me smile.

Even though we are both SO ready to move on and SO ready to find our perfect next home, I’m going to miss this place. We have such an awesome couple acres, great yard and garden, and in the winter when the pool is covered, the ducks come play in it!

This is the duck couple that is always on our property. He is very protective of her – it is so sweet. Notice how he is always facing whatever direction she is going, watching over her?

The mallards are always so brightly colored and pretty.

These two are almost as big as Basil.

Basil flips out when they are in the yard or in the stream just below the yard… he just wants to play too!

I know Basil will miss all the critters and wildlife we have here, especially the squirrels that taunt him from the trees and that he chases through the grass.

I will miss this duck couple – aren’t they cute?

Happy Friday!



I have had plenty of perspective – giving moments this week.

I don’t want to get into many details, but I want to explain my absence this week and what will most likely follow for a while.

Dad went into the hospital a week ago today.

Before we left for Mexico over the holidays, he was to have his third and final surgery – the most important one. This did not happen, due to complications.

Last Friday we found out those complications are cancer.

He was admitted to prepare for chemo – instead there are more complications – he has spent most of the week in ICU with pneumonia.

Needless to say, everything else in life just stops – my main focus right now is my dad, and getting him better.

I am also watching our yard fill with water.

The rain, and the lessons in perspective, can stop now. We have had enough.

I miss you all – I miss the daily interaction here and out there – I bring my laptop to the hospital and check in when I can.

Go hug your loved ones for me, okay?



Remember The Birds?

Today we have visitors of a different kind. A family of little bandits.

They are kinda cute.

My first thought was Raccoons in daylight? They’re rabid! 

A quick google search eased my concern, telling me while that could be a reason, it’s not always the case. Many times a new raccoon mama is out searching for food for her babies, and that is what these are, cute little babies! The mama was rumbling around on the ground near the river, while her kits (I’m learning so much from google today!) played in the trees.

Meanwhile, all Basil wanted to do was come outside to play with them. I constantly have visions of him running too far and ending up in the river, so I took him on a walk instead. For all of our Basil Fans out there who have been asking for more of him, here you go! It was chilly this morning, so sweaters were needed.

Little cutie.

Do you ever see critters throughout your day?

If you have a dog, does it have clothes? 😀


Bird-Day Thursday

Things are getting crazy around here. I feel like Tippi.

Around 7 this morning, I heard knocking noises coming from the front rooms of the house. It took me a minute to figure out there were HUGE birds hopping across our roof.

Also? Peeking in our skylights:

Peeking, heh. They were pecking!

In addition to the dozen hopping around on the roof, there were even more in our side yard.

Look at them all!

I let Basil outside. A few crazed barks and they all flew away:


They’re back now. One is watching me through the skylight.