Simple Spanish Rice

Simple Spanish Rice – a very simple trick makes this flavorful Spanish rice with only five ingredients total – tastes just like the classic and familiar Spanish rice you remember!


Simple Spanish Rice @spabettie

Spanish rice is another favorite from childhood – mom had a couple dinner standards where a simple Spanish rice was the side. I loved rice as a kid, and the flavored Spanish version was no different.

I remember my mom’s recipe and method requiring several ingredients and steps. Quite a few years ago, I wondered if I could use a certain ingredient to cut down on both time and ingredient list.

It worked.

Very …

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Cheesy Hatch Chile Enchiladas

Cheesy Hatch Chile Enchiladas – cheesy, tangy, spicy – perfect comfort food. the classic casserole that everyone loves, with leftovers that might just be better the next day.


Cheesy Hatch Chile Enchiladas @spabettie

The Vegan MoFo prompt for today is “share something vegan with a non vegan.”


These enchiladas are a favorite, Jason and I enjoy them often. I make them for new moms. I make them when I coordinate food delivery schedules for people. I make them for potlucks. I make them for holidays. I make them for friends in need.

Cheesy Hatch Chile Enchiladas @spabettie

Several years ago, a friend I have known since early grade school was …

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Golden Avocado Toast with Spicy Kimchi Sauce

Golden Avocado Toast with Spicy Kimchi Sauce – fluffy soft bread, toasted and topped with deliciousness and spice – the ultimate comfort food, fast.


Golden Avocado Toast with Spicy Kimchi Sauce @spabettieFast Food Friday @spabettie

I want to take a moment.

This day will always be an intensely difficult one, for so many.

I live my life to the fullest, nearly most days, for loved ones who are no longer here. Life is an incredibly precious gift, and if I live to one hundred and ten, it is way too short to give energy to those undeserving.

I was brought up on values of Service to Others, and appreciate those with the same values. Today is a day I remember my best friend and all of our good times, and honor others lost on this day. Just as importantly, I honor and have so much gratitude for those first responders and all responders in the following days and weeks. I honor those in service to others – every day, in every way.

My best friend Katie falls in both of these categories – those lost, and first responders. Hers is not my story to tell, but I will say it is an incredibly brave one. I love you, Katie, and miss you every dang day.

In the face of tragedy, true heroes emerge. Thank you to the heroes.

Thank you for reading.

Golden Avocado Toast with Spicy Kimchi Sauce @spabettie

I have been wanting to share these Golden Avocado Toasts with …

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Raspberry Dusted Vanilla Superfood Bark

Raspberry Dusted Vanilla Superfood Bark – this vibrantly marbled sweet is a balance of bright healthy fruits and nutrients, and sweet vegan white chocolate.


Raspberry Dusted Vanilla Superfood Bark @spabettieSomething blue.

That is the Vegan MoFo prompt for today – something blue.

I bet we see a lot of blueberries today?

You’ll see plenty here, in my recipe collection at the bottom of this post! For the main attraction however, I wanted to do a different kind of blue.

Raspberry Dusted Vanilla Superfood Bark

This turns out to be more of a teal, actually.

But quite pretty, and exactly as I imagined it before I began.

Spirulina is the blue here, along with vegan white chocolate.



I am actually more of a ahem real dark chocolate fan, but white chocolate serves it’s purpose sometimes… like today.

I made a raspberry dust, which is a vibrant pink that goes perfectly with the spirulina teal and the bright green pepita seeds. The sweet and salty flavors just …

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Bright Lemon Raspberry Cookie Stacks

Bright Lemon Raspberry Cookie Stacks – a vibrant flavorful update on a classically retro recipe – bright lemon cookies stacked with cool raspberry whip cream!


Bright Lemon Raspberry Cookie Stacks @spabettie

When I was a kid, there was a dessert my mom made that my brother and I always wanted.

That we sometimes were able to have.

She only made these desserts for her bunco group, or some other fancy party my parents were having or attending. I am talking about a very retro recipe – mini icebox cakes made from those Famous Chocolate Wafers. This is one of those oh so simple but fun and tasty desserts – as far as I can recall, it is wafer cookies and whip cream. Cookies and whip that gets to hang out in the fridge, stay cool, and soften.

Bright Lemon Raspberry Cookie Stacks @spabettie


Today’s Vegan MoFo prompt is Most Retro Recipe. I immediately thought of those Famous Icebox Stacks. Then I looked for the cookies, found out they contain egg, thought well, I’ll make my own!

Then I started thinking about changing the recipe, of course. I thought of different flavors of whip, different kinds of cookies.

One day I may even make the chocolate version.

Another fun thing about this recipe is the use of a newish ingredient called…

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Big Night Timpano

Big Night Timpano – layers of red, white, and green pasta wrapped in a flaky puff pastry dome – the flavors and colors of Italy, the perfect comfort food!


Big Night Timpano @spabettie


Big Night Timpano @spabettieBig Night is one of my favorite movies. Have you seen it? Two brothers running a restaurant, and make an epic meal and a big party for a guest of honor, Louis Prima.

Today, Vegan Mofo asks us to make something inspired by a book or film. While my Chef’s Mojo Cubano Sandwich does apply here, I really wanted an excuse to make a timpano.

A Timpano – also called a Timballo – is an Italian baked pasta dish.

Big Night Timpano @spabettieA glorious carb stuffed with carbs. This would be perfect before a marathon. or during a Netflix one…

I have …

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Chef’s Mojo Cubano Sandwich

Chef’s Mojo Cubano Sandwich – a flavorful plant based take on the classic Cubano sandwich, inspired by the movie Chef. Incredibly flavorful, crispy, cheesy, tangy.


Chef's Mojo Cubano Sandwich @spabettieDo you like horns?

I like drums – they have always been my favorite. I married a drummer.

A very close second and sometimes even first, I like the horns. One of the best scenes from one of the best movies – Chef with Jon Favreau – is this scene right here, they are driving into Austin, with horns and happy and singing and… happy. Oooh, just listen to the horns begin. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Worth it.

…and turn it up.

Chef's Mojo Cubano Sandwich @spabettie

So, for those following along and know the prompts for Vegan MoFo, you may be thinking I am confused on the days. This coming Monday is something inspired by a film. Today is Best Sandwich Ever. I already have something else for Movie Monday, and this is one of the best sandwiches*, so – here you go.

*For the record, that is a very cruel thing to ask of me – sandwiches are one of my favorite things ever, and I have too many favorites to choose. Since I am still so incredibly enamored by the movie Chef, and I really love this sandwich right now, here it is.

For the movie Chef, Jon Favreau learned some cooking techniques from Chef Roy Choi. Have you seen the movie? Definitely not a plant based story. Food plays a major role, along with several …

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Spicy Peanut Butter Burger

Spicy Peanut Butter Burger – a unique and surprisingly delicious combination! Peanut butter and a spicy kimchi sauce pair well with your favorite burger and traditional toppings!


Spicy Peanut Butter Burger @spabettieFast Food Friday @spabettie

Day Four of Vegan MoFo, and Fast Food Friday.

Today’s MoFo calls for a weird food combo that you love. While I could have shared my Garlic Spinach Waffles with Sriracha Whip today, I thought I’d finally share the burger I’ve been teasing you with in the Fast Food Friday banner.

First, the peanut butter. This really shouldn’t be much of a stretch, but I get the side eye whenever I mention it. Peanut butter works in all kinds of savory applications, and a burger is a fine place for it to be! Try it, you may just like it.

Second, and absolutely more important, the Spicy Kimchi Sauce.

I have been holding out on you, guys. I first made this …

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