Salted Caramel Apple Oatmeal

Salted Caramel Apple Oatmeal – fresh tart apples and sweet caramel sauce top this rich cashew oatmeal, for a hearty breakfast you will want every weekend!


Second only to small plates and eating a dinner made up entirely of appetizers, my favorite is breakfast. Even on the weekdays when I have more of a schedule, I enjoy breakfast, but weekends is where my breakfast game is strong.

How many times can I use the word breakfast?

Salted Caramel Apple Oatmeal

Weekends are for brunch. I wish I could brunch every weekend.

Complete with mimosa, right?

We have enjoyed some epic all morning brunch with friends. As much as I love to meet friends out at our favorite restaurants – and Portland has many – having breakfast brunch at home is something I equally look forward to. As you know I [click to continue…]


Smoky Avocado Roll

Smoky Avocado Roll – a smoky veggie “lox” so astonishingly similar to the real thing – in flavor and texture – when paired with classic flavors you remember.

Avocado Veggie Lox Roll

You know how so many say “I could be vegan except for cheese?”

That was never my statement – mine would have been “vegan except for smoked salmon” and “vegan except for bagels and lox.”

That smoky flavor paired with briny capers and a cream cheese bagel? What I always ordered from hotel room service. What was often my brunch choice, along with my mimosa.

Well, that is still my brunch choice.

At a sushi counter, I’d look for and order the salmon.

This was before going vegan, of course. If I am honest I do still give the lox a wistful look on the menu, wishing for a plant based version of that flavor.

My wishes have been answered, my friends.

I wish I could [click to continue…]


Double Cream Chive Mushroom Pie

Double Cream Garlic Herb Mushroom Pie satisfies your hearty, cheesy vegan comfort food cravings, perfect for Pi Day or a Friday!

Double Cream Mushroom Pie

Longtime readers of spabettie know I love my pie. I also love Pi.

I make a Pi tribute pie every year, and those years I have had a blog, I have shared them with you.

This year, Pi Day is extra nerdy special – not only it is the year ’15, this year we can also take Pi out a few more decimals at 9:26 am, and 53 seconds.

I made a savory pie [click to continue…]


Tangy Cheese Sauce on a Beastly Pretzel Slider

Tangy Cheese Sauce on a Beastly Pretzel Slider – a plant based cheese sauce with great flavor, and goes well with burgers, mac and cheese, FONDUE or dip!


I have been sitting on this cheese sauce recipe for a while.

I first made it last summer, then got a bit distracted from any kind of cooking. I did think about making some while the Hawaii Honeymoon Hurricane Hit the Horizon. We grocery shopped for all the essentials before that one day storm.

I am realizing I still need to share wedding details with you. We had some tasty vegan food, and the groom’s cake was fun.

I started making this recipe again around the holidays – I am generally the maker of the appetizers and snacks for the holiday day – everyone loved it.

Tangy Cheese Sauce Recipe

I recently got my hands on the Beyond Meat Beast Burger, in slider form. They were sold out of the burger size, I am still wondering if they are the same. I have heard mixed reviews, but Jason and I both liked the flavor. You know how you [click to continue…]


Avocado Kale Florentine with Smoked Paprika Hollandaise

Avocado Kale Florentine with Smoked Paprika Hollandaise – this is perfect for a weekend brunch at home – fresh avocado, greens, and a smoky hollandaise – delicious!

But I Could Never Go Vegan!Brunch is my favorite thing.

When asked to review Kristy Turner’s gorgeous new book, But I Could Never Go Vegan!, I knew immediately this florentine would be the recipe I made first.

This recipe is made with all of my favorite things – crispy crunchy creamy avocado, garlicky sautéed kale, gloriously rich hollandaise. Brunch perfection, for a lazy weekend morning at home.

I have made this recipe three times since receiving this book, and the second and third times? I doubled the hollandaise portion so I could have leftovers.

That saucy goodness is tasty over many things.

Avocado Kale Florentine with Smoked Hollandaise

This florentine is just one of many brilliantly creative and flavorful recipes to [click to continue…]


Mom's Red Chicken

Total nostalgia for me, this dish. As soon as I pour the vermouth in the skillet and the sauce comes together, I am transported back to childhood. My kitchen smells so good, and I can envision Little Kristina making a big plate of buttered rice, and pouring a big ladle of this red sauce over the top.

Sometimes I ate a small amount of chicken, but even back then as you know, I was not all that fond of the meats.

It was what my mom did with chicken that I loved. The flavors in this dish – tangy smoky sweet – instantly remind me of mom’s cooking.

Classic Red Chicken Recipe

Now that there are decent plant based versions of chicken, I am reworking some of mom’s recipes. This was the first dish I wanted to make – I have cravings for this one often. Aside from the chicken, the only other ingredient that is not naturally vegan is Worcestershire.

But I found this sorcery, and all was right in the world again.

This [click to continue…]


Pink Thumbprint Cookies with Whiskey Ganache

Pink Thumbprint Cookies with Whiskey Ganache


Valentines Day has always been a favorite holiday for me. Even when I was single, I’d grab another unattached friend or two and have a friend date. One year, I was the third wheel to my close friends night out – we had a great time!

Valentines means even more now. As most of you know, Jason and I got married last September, in what is one of the most fun weekends I have ever had. We have a bit of a secret, though – only our very close friends and family knew that last year on Valentines Day? We got married.


It was a [click to continue…]


Double Chocolate Smoothie with Salted Pepitas

Smoothie Saturday !

This post contains my astonishment that it is almost February, and a secret about my preferred dinner time. That and my Time Passing Astonishment? I am an old.

Happy weekend, and welcome to another Smoothie Saturday!

Last summer I was contacted by the folks at Ka’Chava, a superfood shake they call Tribal Superfood – The Whole Body Meal. I told them the same thing I always tell brands who want to send me product to review – that I will only share products I actually like and would use. I asked for a quantity that I could use for a month or more, to see if this would fulfill my expectations of a protein powder, meal replacement, second breakfast recovery, or snack.

They sent me tubs of both flavors, and I used it exclusively until it was gone.

I bought more.

I had Ka’Chava with me while traveling, it makes a great hotel breakfast. I often make a half serving in the afternoon, if I know we will be having dinner later than my preferred time of Early Bird Senior Discount Dinner In The Afternoon.

Ka’Chava boasts a long list of benefits: digestive health, sustained energy, mental focus, hunger control, lean muscle, and did I say sustained energy? The ingredient list is also impressive, with more than 60 nutrient-rich plants and super-foods, including chia, maca, amaranth, camu camu, and sacha inchi.

Ka’Chava is vegan, and free of gluten, dairy, soy, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Ka'Chava Nutrition

The chocolate is my favorite, and it really is great alone, mixed with [click to continue…]