Chipotle Coconut Pepper Jacks

Chipotle Coconut Pepper Jacks – do not let the spooky pepper faces keep you from tasting the flavorful fillings inside, protein packed and perfect before a night of Trick or Treats!


Chipotle Coconut Pepper Jacks @spabettieThis is Halloween, This is Halloween. Halloween! Halloween! 

This year I am back with another Pepper Jack that Jack Skellington would want to be friends with. Spooky faces on The Jacks this year – after several years of Pepper Jack carving, I am getting more detailed.

The Orange Pepper Jack is my favorite this year…

Chipotle Coconut Pepper Jacks @spabettieIsn’t he fun?

This Chipotle Coconut mixture is perfect by itselfI have enjoyed a bowl for breakfast before. This recipe fills approximately six bell peppers, depending on size of pepper. I usually make this filling, fill a couple peppers for dinner, then enjoy the leftovers as is. Yum.

Also, I have made a note about tasting the Chipotle Coconut mixture before filling your Pepper Jacks – the …

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Toasty Graham Coffee Latte with Cinnamon Whip

Toasty Graham Coffee Latte with Cinnamon Whip – rich espresso and steamed graham milk are topped with pillows of coconut whip cream and graham crumbs – cozy flavors of crisp cool days.


Toasty Graham Coffee Latte with Cinnamon Whip @spabettie

So, it seems to be perfect timing in sharing this Grahamy Goodness with you, since today is National Coffee Day.

Um. But really, if we are being honest, isn’t every day Coffee Day?

So, happy coffee day.

I recently heard that there is a new coffee flavor in town. Pumpkin Spice Latte, move over – there is a Toasted Graham Latte edging its way into the fall obsession coffee lineup.

I have not tried it, don’t even know how it is made (I am assuming there is a graham flavored syrup, right?). I set out to make my own cozy version at home, and the resulting graham milk I made? Good enough to enjoy all by itself.

Mmm, flavors of crisp cool days, for …

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BBQ Mac and Cheese Burrito

BBQ Mac and Cheese Burrito – creamy mac and cheese stuffed into a burrito alongside classic burrito fillings – then topped with a sweet tangy BBQ sauce. YUM!


BBQ Mac and Cheese Burrito @spabettie

Tacos vs. Burritos – where do you stand on this important issue?

Really, Vegan MoFo?

That is hardly fair, and I really do not think I can provide an answer.

Please do not take today’s featured recipe as a tip of my hand – after much thought and debate, we love tacos and burritos equally. To even the playing field, I am sharing more recipes for tacos and burritos after the jump.

If the numbers give anything away, I suppose tacos get more play around here. Tacos and taco type things. You’ll see…

BBQ Mac and Cheese Burrito @spabettie

As for the BBQ Mac and Cheese Burrito, this is more an assembly than a recipe with measured ingredients – you know how burritos work. I am sharing my Easy Gluten Free Vegan BBQ Sauce though, which we …

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Five Ways To Enjoy Avocado Toast

Five Ways To Enjoy Avocado Toast – from sweet and salty to fruit topped to simple salted, avocado toast is a satisfying and flavorful lunch on the go!


Five Ways To Enjoy Avocado Toast @spabettie

Avocados are nutrient rich – a good source of omegas 3 and 6, which support brain health and lower cholesterol. In addition to assisting in antioxidant absorption, avocados pack their own antioxidants in vitamins E and K, which are also brain boosters / protectors.

Plus, they …

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Freakin’ Big Burrito

Freakin’ Big Burrito – a homemade version of Portland’s famous Honkin’ Huge Burrito, from Portland’s oldest food cart. Incredibly tasty, for the days I cannot get to the cart downtown.


Freakin' Big Burrito @spabettie

My first post college job was in accounting at Saks Fifth Avenue in downtown Portland. For lunch, I’d often walk up one block (from Fifth Avenue, one of two stores in the country actually on Fifth) to our Pioneer Courthouse Square, to Portland’s oldest food cart, Honkin’ Huge Burrito.

I ordered the largest burrito (the Honkin’), ate half for lunch, and enjoyed the other half for dinner. For like, four bucks.

Even if it were ten bucks, I would have been and would still be faithful to Honkin’ Huge Burrito – they are among the most delicious burritos I have ever had in my life. I have had many burritos.

First, they have these tomatoes.

Back then, I’d ask what was in these tomatoes?

“Love. They are made with love.” they’d answer, every time.

Kind of like a stewed tomato? Saucy, anyway, and sweet.

Freakin' Big Burrito @spabettie

So. I decided I’d make my own sweet tomatoes.

I used…

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Peaches and Cream French Toast

Peaches and Cream French Toast – a fluffy French toast with a perfectly crisp edge and a natural sweetness from super juicy end of summer peaches – this is brunch ready!


Peaches and Cream French Toast @spabettie

If you ask me what my favorite late summer food is?

This year I would have to say peaches.

I think I have had the best peaches of my life this summer, no lie.

Dramatic? I don’t know. The peaches I have enjoyed are simply perfect. That exact right amount of natural sweet, and so juicy. This is like, one of three recipes I have bothered to make with peaches this summer, since I cannot get beyond just eating them as is.

Like, in the car on the way home from the market.

My new car may have had a few sticky spots on the steering wheel that needed cleaning last week.

French toast gets talked about here often enough, yes? You know I like it, you know I channel Grandpa Z with his fluffy salted French toast. This is the first time I made this particular idea for a custard, using a sweet combination of …

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Simple Spanish Rice

Simple Spanish Rice – a very simple trick makes this flavorful Spanish rice with only five ingredients total – tastes just like the classic and familiar Spanish rice you remember!


Simple Spanish Rice @spabettie

Spanish rice is another favorite from childhood – mom had a couple dinner standards where a simple Spanish rice was the side. I loved rice as a kid, and the flavored Spanish version was no different.

I remember my mom’s recipe and method requiring several ingredients and steps. Quite a few years ago, I wondered if I could use a certain ingredient to cut down on both time and ingredient list.

It worked.

Very …

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Cheesy Hatch Chile Enchiladas

Cheesy Hatch Chile Enchiladas – cheesy, tangy, spicy – perfect comfort food. the classic casserole that everyone loves, with leftovers that might just be better the next day.


Cheesy Hatch Chile Enchiladas @spabettie

The Vegan MoFo prompt for today is “share something vegan with a non vegan.”


These enchiladas are a favorite, Jason and I enjoy them often. I make them for new moms. I make them when I coordinate food delivery schedules for people. I make them for potlucks. I make them for holidays. I make them for friends in need.

Cheesy Hatch Chile Enchiladas @spabettie

Several years ago, a friend I have known since early grade school was …

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