Verily Valentines – Eleven Delectable Chocolate Recipes

Pink Thumbprint Cookies with Whiskey Ganache

Pink Thumbprint Cookies with Whiskey Ganache


Valentines Day has always been a favorite holiday for me. Even when I was single, I’d grab another unattached friend or two and have a friend date. One year, I was the third wheel to my close friends night out – we had a great time!

Valentines means even more now. As most of you know, Jason and I got married last September, in what is one of the most fun weekends I have ever had. We have a bit of a secret, though – only our very close friends and family knew that last year on Valentines Day? We got married.


It was a …

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raspberry cream crumble pie

raspberry cream crumble pie

February is Heart Health Month. I am finishing the month with heart healthy raspberries – I partnered with Driscoll’s Berries and made a recipe around my favorite berry of theirs. Raspberries are a great source of fiber and vitamin c, and have been deemed heart-healthy by the American Heart Association.

They happen to be my favorite fruit. I can and have enjoyed an entire pint in one sitting standing.

I have had the idea for this pie for some time now – I envisioned a pie with a crumble topping, like a danish. My favorite part …

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caramelized almond rocky road bark

caramelized almond rocky road bark

Do you want to guess how many times I typed caramelized onion rocky road bark?

Every time, that’s how many times. Apparently I love caramelized onions so much that my typing hands have a memory for them.

Mmm, they are good.

…and so are caramelized almonds. A totally different technique to make those, but just like a pan of caramelized onions, I could stand at the kitchen counter and eat a whole pan of these almonds.

Onions almonds onions almonds – confused yet?

dark chocolate rocky road bark

During the holidays, I ordered several cases of …

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strawberry hazelnut bars – Vegan Valentines

strawberry valentines bars

More Valentines, this time a deep delicious red. I warned you about my feelings on Valentines and the colorful and chocolatey treats that must accompany in my house. Keeping the love going today.

Flavorful layers of summery strawberry and Oregon hazelnuts combine in this simple and healthy Valentines treat.

vegan strawberry bars

My recipe is over at Ricki Heller’s place today – please go say hello!

strawberry hazelnut bars


I shared this recipe with Healthy Vegan Fridays.


strawberry walnut kulfi

strawberry walnut kulfi

We recently had dinner with friends at Departure – one of our favorite Portland restaurants. They offer a fantastic vegan menu, and we ordered several plates to share as a table, family style. Everything was amazing, and I left with the intent of recreating the dessert we shared – a pistachio cardamom kulfi.

Kulfi is a dense and creamy Indian dessert, similar to an ice cream. It is a perfect dessert presentation wise, as it takes longer to melt due to its consistency. I used one of my fun ice cube molds to make small square shaped kulfi – and now I really want to serve this to a large group of people!

strawberry walnut kulfi

When several of us were sharing our suggestions for the final letters of Meatless Monday A-Z, I was hoping W week would be walnuts, because I had an idea for my own take on kulfi that would be a great Vegan Valentines dessert as well.

Walnuts have many benefits – they are a great source of Omega-3, and rich in many minerals and phyto-chemicals. My notes from a recent class include walnuts, listing them as a potentially lowering risk of cancers, inflammation, heart disease, high blood pressure. A small handful of walnuts each day seems to do much good.

Traditional flavors of kulfi seem to include pistachios, cardamom, and saffron. These are all flavors I love, and I look forward to making more kulfi soon. I also have a few more unconventional ideas, as you probably could have guessed.

My Google search brought up a blog I love – Vegan Richa. She has a couple recipes for kulfi and many ideas for flavors – I used her pistachio almond kulfi as a guide.

Can I say? this is amazing.

strawberry walnut kulfi

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Valentines Day recipes

dark chocolate mint truffles

You have several more days to plan something for your Valentine – a sweet breakfast, a batch of pink cookies, a luxuriously decadent truffle.

You may know, Valentines Day is my all time favorite. I love to celebrate love, whether it be with Jason or my favorite friends!

You may know, giving gifts of food is another all time favorite. Each of these recipes is Valentine approved, vegan, gluten free, and deliciously good.


Baileys and black tea French toast


dark chocolate mint truffles

dark chocolate mint truffles


peanut butter cups – wasabi, ginger, or graham


homemade Twix – peanut butter or caramel filled


vibrant pistachio lime bites

vibrant pistachio-lime truffles


raspberry cheesecake cookies

raspberry lemon cheesecake cookies


saffron doughnuts with rosewater icing


salted caramel milkshake (with homemade Baileys)


strawberry lemon rice crispies

strawberry lemon rice crispies


raspberry cheesecake oreo bars


salted toffee crunch truffles

salted toffee crunch truffles


pink thumbprint cookies with whiskey ganache


Valentines spicy hot shots


pomegranate cranberry hearts


sparkly spiked cran-raspberry granita


Meyer lemon mousse in chocolate cups


…and Portlanders can visit Blossoming Lotus for their prix-fixe Valentines Dinner!


Happy Valentines Day!


dark chocolate mint truffles


Chocolate Mint Truffles

I had a conversation about tempering chocolate the other day.

Actually, the conversation was partly about how I am doing it wrong – this is my own declaration. I do not use a double boiler, I do not use glass bowls over water, I definitely do not use a microwave (okay, so I am not doing it completely wrong…)

Mint Chocolates


If you have read any of my previous truffle recipes, you may already know this – all I do is chop chocolate, then melt it in a pan at the absolutely lowest setting my gas stove allows, stirring constantly and rapidly with a spatula. That’s it.

Works every time, and whether dipping truffles or painting chocolate into molds for filled truffles, it hardens into the shiny coating you find sparkling back at you from the chocolate counter at the candy store.

These truffles have a rich melty center with the perfect hint of mint. I am making them for my valentine, and for a few well deserving friends…

Today I am not only sharing with you my absolute favorite truffle recipe ever, but I have a giveaway as well – with four winners!

Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles


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vibrant pistachio-lime crunch bars

vibrant pistachio-lime crunch bars

I am so excited about this next Vegan Valentines recipe, I want you all to be my Valentine. I want everyone to taste how vibrant these flavors are. Really, the flavors just pop!

I am on my … fourth? fifth? batch of these, and am not stopping any time soon – we both love these bars. I dip them into smoothies, I have them with breakfast, they are a perfect afternoon snack. This is a simple recipe, using a very short list of ingredients.

When they’re bite size, they are perfect for grabbing a couple on my way to the gym or before a run. Just a little healthy truffle:

vibrant pistachio lime bites

Please visit Attune for my newest favorite recipe, and wow your Valentine!

vibrant pistachio-lime crunch bars.