my 7 links

There is an interesting and fun ‘list’ going around called My 7 Links. Thank You to Jenn and Christina for tagging and including me in the fun!

Most Beautiful Post

In a literal sense, the Amorphophallus rivieri and all of my garden posts. I love this aspect of photography – the plants, flowers and critters – all of the beauty around us!

Most Popular Post 

My most popular post by stats numbers is my spinach pancakes. I love these, so that makes me really happy!

Another post that has been very popular is my jalapeno popper sandwich. I can’t imagine why. 😉

Most Controversial Post 

It actually has 250k more views than my spinach pancakes, but I don’t really want to call any more attention to it. I am so very thankful that I am open minded, and I welcome a respectful, meaningful and intelligent debate. Not everyone can be open to more than black and white, and I suppose that’s what keeps things interesting, right?

I like to keep things tasty around here, not controversial.

Most Helpful Post

I cannot tell you how elated I am each time I get a comment or email, just telling me thank you. Readers saying they made my recipe, learned something, laughed, made a connection. This has happened with many posts, recipe and non, so those become my most helpful posts, because they continue my energy and motivation to continue!

How To Cook Quinoa has been helpful, to readers and honestly, helpful to me and my forgetful mind. 😉

Post Which Was Surprisingly Successful 

My Earth Day post still is very popular! I have made other themes of these nut butter cups and will post them soon.

Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

I have to say I am extremely happy with the attention my blog has been given this year. While I have changed the direction slightly since the beginning, I am having more and more fun with it, and the opportunities are more exciting and fun as well!

Many people have made this recipe, and Jason and I both love my white bean quinoa burgers with basil aioli. This was originally posted when I had a much smaller readership, and want more to know about these flavorful burgers! It’s a recipe I worked a while to perfect.

Post You Are Most Proud Of 

Because I do not sew, am not interested in sewing, I am pretty proud of my Doxie Holiday post, where I signed up at the last minute (because I was talked into it!) for Handmade Christmas gift exchange. I also signed on for the highest number of people to swap with, and made extras for some other doxie friends. We had a lot of fun doing this, and it was one of several ways I learned and stretched and moved out of a comfort zone this past year.

Plus, last holiday season, I had more than 30 little felt dachshunds in my house:

The bloggers I am passing this on to:

Kris, Stephanie, Kath, Heather and Lindsay.

What is your favorite post on spabettie? Have you made any recipes seen here?


the history of rap

I love Justin Timberlake. I know others do too. He is HILARIOUS and when he and Jimmy Fallon get together It Is Genius.

(have you seen The Barry Gibb Talk Show? talking about issues, talking about crazy cool medallions!).

I love music of all kinds, and that includes rap music. Beastie Boys are one of my favorite bands ever, and they are included in this video that I have been playing on a loop all morning.

Click the top photo or watch it here!!

It always makes my day.