Ten Years Ago Today

Herrick Wedding

…my life changed.

I didn’t really know it yet, but I’d soon figure it out.

Thursday, December 16th I had an appointment at 2:00 in the afternoon – I was showing a potential renter an apartment in my building.

I was sitting in my office waiting, and 2:00 came and went. I was surprised, because although no-shows sometimes happened, this applicant was very detailed and, well, seemed like a sure thing.

This is a buzz-in locked entry 1920’s brick building – and at 10 minutes past 2, with no buzz from the front door, I left my office and went to walk the front grounds of the building. I swept the entry, chatted with some tenants, and eventually made …

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thoughts and things

VC Andrews

Best gift ever?! Every book in every series from V.C. Andrews. Jason knows me. Do you know V.C. Andrews books?

Keeping lemons fresh, for like, more than two days before they go bad on my kitchen counter. I love lemon flavor – juice and zest – and there really isn’t anything like fresh. Excited to try this, so I can buy more than two lemons at a time.

One of my favorite things lately – a phone charger. A portable one. I don’t like when people say things like “life changing” for something so trivial, but. When I am out and about (all the time), this is a lifesaver.

The Dan Band

Just before Christmas we flew down to L.A. with some friends for a few days. My attempt to make the holidays different this year. Went to the hotel lobby in our robes and Christmas carols to strangers. Saw The Dan Band from the front row. Got to have a lunch date with Miss fantastic and Miss spectacular. Perfect.

The Dan Band? Hilarious and fun beyond my expectations.

THIS. so incredibly awesome. I already have one on it’s way to me – I’ll share the hilarity when it arrives. Also? Within the last couple of days, nine friends have shared this with me. Y’all know me, you really really know me.

this recipe

that recipe

and THIS recipe. I made this with a homemade cashew fondue.

and these dachshunds – GAAH.

okay, and these dachshunds:


Are you watching the Academy Awards tonight? I am making a bunch of tasty foods and having a party on the living room floor. Cannot wait.

Happy Sunday!


thoughts and things

This is one party I am extremely late to – I am now on instagram. Basilgram. I won’t talk about the instant addiction, but if you want to see some candid shots of food and even more Basil, follow me? (spabettie)

Speaking of dogs, and photos of dogs, and … we weren’t speaking of hysterical laughter but…  THIS makes me laugh. I want to submit something.

If Portland wasn’t already a hugely awesome plant based mecca, our kick ass mayor does this.

But then there is something else going on in Oregon. I have a serious problem with this. What the WHAAAT? Insanity.

That extra happy when I order a three shot Americano, and they offer me the fourth shot because they had to make it anyway.

You all know I love my waffles, right? What you may not know is that I also love handbags. Therefore I must ask why, oh why can’t this be a real thing!?

Back to dachshunds, and Jason’s new cufflinks:

I have been listening to one Beastie Boys cd in my car since this day. On our road trip last month, I asked Jason to find a new cd – he put in Chumbawumba. Specifically, Tubthumper. I forgot how good that entire album is.

You are all now impressed with my up to date music collection.

Also impressive – the amount of cds in my car. All in their original cases. All over the place, stuffed in every pocket of every seat and door. Yes, I do have an iPod…

This took me right back to childhood:

This list of food words that should be banned is a hilarious read. “… editor says “enrobed” makes him think of Hugh Hefner — a decidedly unsavory thought.”   ^^ snort.

More hilarity, Christina’s post that is all animated GIF.

and finally, this:

is just so dang cute.


thoughts and things

We have been eating this for dinner a lot lately. Three times in two weeks? Easy to make large batches for us and for my dad and brother. Tastes so good, never gets old.

I love those baby corn thingies.

Sriracha lollipops. Yep, that’s right. and they are SO good.

This week’s pick from Way Too Much Portland is a good one. So Very Portland.

This ice cream cone:

Oh my. My favorite ice cream food cart Fifty Licks always has a couple vegan varieties. This week my flavor of choice was Passionfruit Szechuan Peppercorn. Hot dang.

These photos do restore faith in humanity. Rats, I have something in my eye

Some events just call for a patriotic beer. I swear The Champagne of Beers is also a headache cure.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night…  recreated with dominoes! Awesome. Then even more awesome when he knocks them down!

This photo looks like it is out of a 1950’s recipe book or magazine:

…but it was from class last month – one of my favorite desserts. The schedule was arranged by food type – one day was tofu, tempeh and seitan, another day was wraps and sandwiches (a favorite), and then there was dessert day. Yep, all day eating desserts. It was glorious. We made a pizza and salad so we weren’t actually just eating desserts all day. This (phone) photo was the chocolate pie from dessert day. I cannot wait to make this again.

It’s summertime. Which means it is time for s’mores. We had some at the wine country B&B. Then there is the s’mores shot in a chocolate glass. If you want to make these yourself, the shot glass moulds are on sale for less than $8 right now

Basil just wanted to say hello. and wag is tail for you. He is now waiting for his sister, since I told him as soon as class was over we could contact Oregon Dachshund Rescue…


thoughts and things

Will you look at those beautiful fluffy cakes? Can you believe they are vegan and gluten free? That soda trick is amazing, I tell ya. I did it again, and will share soon.

My favorite from Way Too Much Portland this week? a bike rack cozy. Awesome.

When Jason asks me to buy a hose for our front porch…

he has to know I’d come back with a cute one.

This is one of a few squirrels currently tormenting Basil. I really need to video his standard howling reaction, it is too cute.

…and with this amazing creation, my life is complete. I will look for them until I find them. Already scoured two stores.

This Monkey Orchid. I love monkeys.

My new necklace from BaubleBar:

They have some really fun pieces, and this photo doesn’t begin to capture the blinding neon. I love it when fun trends come back.

So this happened:

Given my ever growing heat and spice tolerance, it was really only a matter of time before I started adapting my hot sauce bottles.

The first winner of Lindsay’s Cookie Dough Cookbook did not reply (I know, what?), so the new winner of the Cookie Dough Cookbook has been announced here.

Have a fantastic weekend!


thoughts and things

Not only has my dear friend Deb been a wonderful support and source of great information during my dad’s illness, but she sends me dachshund chopstick holders from Japan as well. These little guys made my day.

So many of you continue to ask after dad. We had a step backwards this week, with another middle of the night trip to the ER for a lung infection. Dad is okay now, back at home and I am relieved to have my brother around to help now! Not only for the obvious reasons help brings, but because I’m not so alone in this. and my brother and I always have fun together.

This marriage proposal. Sweetest ever, and it was right here in Portland!

This book is so good! I read it within two days. I don’t want to talk too much about what it is about – it is from the perspective of the dog, and written very well at that. It gets philosophical at times, using great metaphor to tell a touching story. The end is the best ending I’ve read since Water for Elephants.

I have been wanting to make Lisa’s bread for a while now, and this sandwich is just what will make it finally happen.

Look, more seasonal beer!

We brought this home yesterday. As much as I love ginger, this wasn’t my favorite. I still dig on the label, though…

Lunch today? This sandwich:

Twelve things you should be able to say about yourself. <– powerful,  this.

What are you up to this weekend? Have any movie suggestions? I think I’ll take Jason on a date!

Happy Weekend!


thoughts and things

(Sorry, I just wanted to show that photo again. I love the frosting on the front one).

First off, look at this gorgeous corn! Second, I want a “corn teacher”. Seriously, look at the corn. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

I updated my mailing address with Larabar just in time. Sweet and salty? Well absolutely! Bananas Foster!? That’s just sweet and salty perfected. Complete with banana slices. Thank you, Larabar, you remain my favorite, and not because you send surprises in the mail.

From “Way Too Much Portland”. I’d say it’s a perfect amount.

Dear Businesses, when I ask to be unsubscribed to your emails, it is only after these emails have long since become irrelevant to me. “Processing” that request instead of unsubscribing immediately will not make me change my mind. Ignoring it completely? Now you’re just annoying me.

In other news? My inbox is much sleeker these days. Spring cleaning, if you will.

In other other news? these 33 animals, and how disappointed they are in you.

Thank you to those who continue to ask after my dad. We are waiting to hear the results from his CT scan, the two choices are more chemo + starting radiation, or having surgery. He is feeling okay right now, and the jokes are back. This makes me happy.

So do all of you.

Speaking of those cupcakes… I’m out. Already thinking of the next flavor.


Last but one of the most important – my spabettie salt scrub is one of the items up for bid in my friend Richa’s Fundraiser for VSPCA. The Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals work to provide care and shelter for animals in many ways, as well as provide vegan meals to people in need.

Head over to Richa’s and support a worthy cause?

Happy Thursday – any Thoughts and Things to share?


thoughts and things

…on a Tuesday. For alliteration.

The weekend in Portland could not have been more perfect – sunny, clear and warm – Saturday and Sunday were in the mid 70’s, and yesterday was in the 80’s! I wore my pink shoes for the first time this season. I need a pedicure…

green tea wasabi peanuts. A favorite snack I have been revisiting lately. Between these and Sriracha Peas, I’ve got the corner on Spicy Snackage.

Please tell me what your Pro Wrestling Name is… I am Bulldog Juggernaut.

One of the first things I chewed after my dental surgery – vegan mac and cheese with herby homemade hummus. So SO very good.

The link to the hummus? includes a sweet story from my childhood…

A very dear friend recently sent me a thoughtful and awesome care package, just because. She has been an incredible support and source of strength for me this year – uplifting and always saying the exact right thing – that’s Natasha – such a dear! One of the treasures in this gift? A bottle of health, in the form of chlorophyll! I have been adding this to our juices and smoothies, and as pictured here, to a glass of water for a minty refreshment:

Good stuff, that is.

I am One Lucky Duck lately, I received another wonderful care package from another friend and favorite Whiskey Drinkin’ Chimney Sweep, Jillian. Look!

This is a dishsoap apron! She is so crafty, right? She also made me an adorable vinyl coin purse, it was a perfect accessory on our recent trip! LOVE the rabbit zipper pull…

I am so very thankful to my generous friends – they really know how to bring the sunshine.

Last but certainly not least, the four winners of the NuNaturals giveaway have been (randomly) selected and announced

Happy Tuesday – what’s new with you?