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Sparkling Watermelon Ginger Punch

I made cocktails again.

Jason and I both have been taking turns playing bartender lately. His are tequila based, with all kinds of citrus flavors. Mine? Savor all the fresh fruity flavors of [click to continue…]


Grapefruit Thyme Mimosa-Ritas

ah, summertime.

It truly is my favorite time of year. Longer, warmer days equal more time outdoors, fresh creations with garden ingredients, cool cocktails with friends.

Sitting out in the evening, relaxing while the daylight leaves and the yard’s nightlights come on. Frogs in the pond croak now and then, causing the dogs to jump off our laps and snif snif snif in search of the frog…

Grapefruit Thyme Margaritas

My latest libation creation is a fusion of two favorites – mimosas and margaritas. Fresh herbs from the garden (the thyme came back from last year!) mix well with bubbly and my favorite reposado tequila.

Follow me over to Kim’s place for my recipe: Grapefruit Thyme Mimosa-Ritas.

Grapefruit Thyme Mimosas






strawberry valentines bars

More Valentines, this time a deep delicious red. I warned you about my feelings on Valentines and the colorful and chocolatey treats that must accompany in my house. Keeping the love going today.

Flavorful layers of summery strawberry and Oregon hazelnuts combine in this simple and healthy Valentines treat.

vegan strawberry bars

My recipe is over at Ricki Heller’s place today – please go say hello!

strawberry hazelnut bars


I shared this recipe with Healthy Vegan Fridays.



double chocolate truffle skulls

Here in Portland, it feels like it’s been Halloween for a week already. Last week we had two parties to dress up for, and we have been seeing friends and other Portlanders dressing up since … last Wednesday, really.

Maybe some of those were not costumes – this is Portland after all.

The dachshunds have also been dressing up – new costumes this year include Basil as [click to continue…]


This time of year, in addition to the normal fun holiday buzz, there is the extra excitement of celebrating with friends. Everyone seems to be focused on the festivity of the holiday season, and the giddy smiles and happy laughs happen even more right now.

One of those giddy happy feeling friends is Lora – her friendship continually reminds me of why I love this online community so much.

Lora recently mentioned my fudge recipes from last year, so I created one just for her.

and I made it extra fun.

Lora is so supremely talented and it shows in her culinary creations – I am beyond honored to be a guest at her place today!

Please go visit Lora and my mandarin orange fudge recipe!



Today I am going to a fabulous party, you may have heard of it?

Cara’s Clean Eating Cocktail Party.

She has been hosting this delicious party all through the month of November and into December. Several of my friends and favorite bloggers have shown up to the party before me, and they have brought some amazing foods.

I wanted to make something bright and vibrant for Cara and her party, something that falls under Clean Eating and is still knock your socks off stand up and wave your hands in the air dance around the room fantastic.

I used a couple of my favorite kitchen tools – my food processor and dehydrator, a favorite ingredient – Irish moss, and some fresh winter citrus. Bright and vibrant has been achieved.

This tropical spread is citrusy and sweet and fluffy like a mousse should be, and the crackers are crispy bites of bright.

Come join the party – please go visit Cara to see my orange pineapple crackers with tropical mousse spread.




Happy Holidays, everyone!

I can officially say that now, right? Thanksgiving is complete, so now can we focus on the rest of the holiday season?

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or if you were not celebrating, simply a nice weekend.

Our holiday was so lovely – as I mentioned, my dad joined us at my mom and step dad’s house, and I could not have been happier. I definitely missed having my sister and her husband there that day, they were out of town. We often go to Missouri on Thanksgiving, to see Jason’s family, and the only thing that could top this weekend would be having both families together. Perhaps someday.

Thanksgiving began with a brunch at my other sister’s house, where Dad also joined us. Jason and I then stopped back at our house to pick up Basil and all the food I had made, and we headed to my mom’s place right away. I like to spend the whole day at my moms…  I used to spend the night the day before!

We avoided shopping crowds the next day, opting for a fabulous lunch and movie instead. Saturday the Ducks won our Civil War game, and I had a super fun girls night out with a show at Tony Starlight’s Supperclub.

The holidays and merriment begins!

More holiday festivity – all month long, my friend Roxana has a holiday series where she is featuring delectable holiday goodies and some fantastic giveaways.

To see my orange creamsicle shortbread, please visit #25RecipesToXmas.


Happy Holidays! 



Last Saturday, I assisted in my very first cooking class! My friend was teaching her first class, and wanted me there for moral support and to help field questions, do prep, talk to the rather large crowd and plate our food in a pretty presentation.

The class subject was tofu and seitan, and we demoed four recipes. It was very fun, it was very exciting, it was very delicious and I was asked to teach some of my own (eek!). Also? I think I said yes.

The thought both scares and thrills me.

I have taught many a skincare class and technique, never a food or cooking class. Now that I’ve been behind the counter (they have the overhead tilty mirror and everything!), I do believe I am hooked.

I have spent much time this week thinking of recipes I could demo. The focus of the series is vegan and raw, so I suppose I could come up with a few ideas.

My salted caramel cheesecake would be a good recipe to teach – at first mention of the name, it sounds fantastically amazing, yes? and I promise you it is. It is also sugar free, dairy, egg and gluten free, and raw. One of those stealth desserts that impress.

I would make one ahead of time to have on hand, you know, like television. Then I could prep each of the steps and assemble the layers. We must make enough food for all class students to sample (30-40 people on average!), so there’s the reason for the make ahead cake – and I could just take the class cake home.

I’m kinda totally excited about the possibility of teaching my own classes…

salted caramel cheesecake

dairy, egg, oil, soy, gluten and sugar free, vegan, raw

makes one 9 inch cheesecake

raw pecan crust

1 cup pecans
1 1/2 cups Medjool dates

Line a 9 inch spring-form pan with parchment. In food processor, pulse hazelnuts to a fine crumb. Add dates, process until combined completely. Press into spring-form pan.

salted caramel cream sauce

1/2 cup raw cashews
3/4 cup water*
1 1/2 cups Medjool dates, soaked
raw sea salt, to taste (Moroccan Atlantic raw coarse sea salt)
*add more water for a more liquid sauce; for this recipe I wanted a thick salted caramel layer
In food processor, combine cashews and water to make a cashew cream. Add dates and raw salt, process to a creamy smooth sauce. Set aside (this will be used as the cheesecake sweetener and the top layer).

cheesecake layer 

2 cups cashews, soaked several hours
juice of two lemons
1/2 cup salted caramel cream sauce (see recipe above)
1/2 cup Irish moss paste (see instructions here)

Process cashews in food processor, add lemon juice and blend until creamy. Add caramel sauce and Irish moss, blending until incorporated and mixture is smooth. Spread in an even layer over crust. Pour / spoon salted caramel cream over cheesecake layer, smooth in an even layer. Place in refrigerator to set.

My salted caramel cheesecake recipe was featured on Tasty Yummies Thanksgiving Series.