daily juice

hangover cure juice

Hangover from too many cocktails?

Too much indulgent food?

Even too much travel?

Whatever you need a jump start from, this cleansing juice will help the cleansing process. Packed with good things and flavorful too? This bright glass of sunshine is the wake up call I needed this morning!

After a couple of busy years that kept me mainly in Portland, I have had several flights lately. Trips for [click to continue…]


spiced kabocha smoothie


This weekend I wanted to be in at least three places at once. IFBC was happening in Seattle, Feast was feeding Portland extremely well, and one of my favorite weekends in Portland was here – Portland Veg Fest.

Veg Fest won.

and that means I won.

I was able to represent Attune this weekend, and spend it with one of my favorite people, JL. We always have such fun, and keep finding things we have in common. I’ve known JL for a few years now, and I just feel such joy when I see her.

Veg Fest was fantastic as always. I met Dr McDougall, I was lucky enough to [click to continue…]


flu-fighting red grape cooler


I had some kind of flu bug for two whole weeks. I still have the cough, and while it did not turn into pneumonia like several people thought, my face was insomuchpain from [click to continue…]


cashew cabbage crunch salad


It is Meatless Monday again, and I didn’t create anything. I have still been incredibly busy, and this last week? I’ve also had the flu. I rarely get sick, but this one has really knocked me out. I cannot even speak.

Besides my cravings for french fries (I always get that craving when sick), I have been juicing a lot. Juicing with healing ingredients like ginger. and lemon. and cayenne. and garlic.

For Meatless Monday Garlic Week, I have a recipe collection for you, including two garlic juices.

garlic apple juice


juice defense

healthy defense juice


cashew cabbage crunch salad

cashew cabbage crunch salad


spicy potato lentil pie

spicy potato lentil pies


pepperoni chili

pepperoni chili



kalamata garlic bechamel lasagna


spicy buffalo hummus

tangy buffalo hummus


quinoa moussaka with garlic cashew bechamel

quinoa moussaka with garlic cashew bechamel


cholar dal

cholar dal [Bengali Five Spice Chronicles]


slow cooker marinara

slow cooker basil marinara


baby bella, pepper and arugula sandwich with roasted garlic spread


caramelized shallot dip


savory tomato protein pancakes


blackened broccoli bisque


basil quinoa meatball marinara sandwiches


African peanut stew


celery ranch dressing

celery ranch dressing


What is your favorite garlic recipe?

Visit Heather for even more garlic goodness!


Meatless Monday recipes





Raspberry Chia Cream Smoothie

The “you catch more bees with honey…” sentiment really is true – I have [click to continue…]


fresh veggies

Getting my daily requirements of fruit and vegetables is a continual focus for me – and following a plant based diet, this is generally fairly easy to do. Some of the standard guidelines we hear include five a day for servings recommended, and fruit and vegetables should make up half the plate.

Some [click to continue…]


tropical mango orange smoothie

So many of you are asking after Dad and how he is doing (and again, we are eternally grateful for all of the support) – I know I have not really updated lately. Dad went back into the hospital after [click to continue…]


apple cider vinegar lemon

I had a different post on deck for today’s Wellness Wednesday, but am sitting here writing this one in real time because… that’s how I’m rolling today.

It has been another extremely stressful and emotional week, for sure. I am exhausted, and really, nothing has even happened yet. After a short night of sleep and a busy day yesterday, all I wanted to do was go to sleep at 4:pm. I had a dinner date with two girlfriends, then class to go to later.

I rallied, I picked myself up, had an extra shot of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and aminos, and was out the door!


Sitting with the girls was not only a therapeutic and much needed break, we laughed and smiled and talked and talked and talked. We enjoyed fresh juice and wonderful raw food for dinner, and I was thankful to be there.

Right now for me, Wellness means staying healthy while under extra stress. That means making sure I am taking my supplements (I have that vitamin post coming soon!), increasing things like zinc and vitamin c and more of my favorite remedy, vibrant fresh juice and veggies.

Wellness also means choosing a few more hours in a day, when you get to spend those hours with the rich company of friends. I came home and relaxed to unwind and catch up with Jason (I call him my soother), and went to sleep early. I slept in until 5:30 today, and I honestly do feel refreshed.

…spending some down time with these two? Very therapeutic.

Basil and Rosemary

How do you stay healthy during stress?