Basil is a Young Sportsman

Sweet Basil Dachshund

Last week we said goodbye to Basil.

Basil Pup

When we found out Basil was sick, I knew then I did not want him to suffer at all.

I wanted him to be happy and comfortable for the rest of his days. We also knew that our time with Basil could be short.

It was. Way too short.

Basil and a Squeaky

Our wonderful vet gave us a referral for a wonderful doctor who makes house calls. We set an appointment, and we celebrated Basil. He had a grilled burger for breakfast, we set out pillows and blankets, and we sat outside in the fresh morning sunshine. Basil played with a squeaky – a stuffed garlic.

Basil with his Squeaky Garlic

Basil loved the burger. He chewed and squeaked that garlic, and he wagged. He was happy, just being with us. I was happy he was able to be comfortable and calm at home, rather than anxious in a clinical setting. I was so happy to be able to provide that for him.

Today would be Basil’s birthday. This has been a very sad and quiet week for all of us, and today we celebrate him once again.


We love you, Sweet Basil Bud.




Basil and His Cactus


We found out recently that Basil has cancer.

I know. I cannot even talk about it.

Last week, I told Jason that when the time comes, I do not want Sweet Basil to leave us in the environment of a cold sterile vet office. I do not want Basil’s final moments to be filled with the anxious fear he has every time we go to the vet.

I said I would [click to continue…]



by Kristina Sloggett

in Basil is a Young Sportsman



we wish you all a wonderful holiday – Happy Thanksgiving.



Remember when I captured shots of these amazing snowflakes? I hope to see more this year…

For the second week in a row, it’s Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. My best quality is my open mind. Even if I do not agree, I can see more than one side, and I am accepting of nearly everyone.

2. One of my less flattering qualities is I can get caught up in my dreams and goals – I sometimes have to reel in the unrealistic.

3. I’d rather be right now? visiting New York City. I love the city this time of year…

4. Something I have been challenged with lately is my inflammation. Time to do a raw cleanse or pay more attention to my diet. Joints hurt.

5. I am looking forward to spending time with my family next Thursday… playing our family tradition card game – contract rummy – and laughing. It always feels like Grandpa Z is there with us.

6. A super random factoid about me is my selfishness with regard to my time. As extroverted as I may be, I need my down time, I acknowledge this and take it. It’s good for me and you if I do.

7. I want to bundle up with Jason and a thermos of hot cocoa, and go to the Holiday Tree Lighting next Friday! Always so festive! Another I want to? I want to make these. Don’t they look decadent?

After the cleanse…

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Happy Friday!



okay, I know it’s early to be thinking about holiday trees, but I had a conversation about them with a good friend yesterday, and I am excitedly thinking about what to do this year (new house = BIG tree!).

I just discovered a new blog today through another friend, and then discovered on that blog the fun Fill in the blank Friday.

I thought I’d participate, the questions are fun…

1. I like karaoke. dachshunds. fresh fruit. glitter. high heels. lip gloss. open minds. dark chocolate. oh, I should stop now?


2. A life goal of mine is to learn how to tap dance!


3. The last thing you would ever expect me to like (even though I secretly do) is trash television. cannot get enough, it is my guilty pleasure. I have to be doing something else at the same time, though – cooking, laptopping, painting or crafting.


4. Some wise words that I love are “whatever you focus on gets bigger” – this can go either way, but I prefer to focus my intentions on the positive…


5. Most mornings you will find me on the treadmill.


6. Right now I am super into decorating our new house – we buy paint this weekend!


7. Right now I am super over negative people. I am always over them. *side eye*


Want to do your own Fill in the blank Friday or see some other blogger other answers? Visit Lauren at the little things we do.




Saturday night…

We are all at home, having cancelled some really fun plans with my sister, her husband, and a group of friends. I also had to cancel a girls night out last night… I’m still sick.

So tonight we are catching up on Jon Stewart and decorating for Halloween. I have my lighted skulls out, and am finishing up my painted pumpkins. I’ll share when they are complete – I chose a fun theme this year.

The Halloweenie is sporting his second costume of the season.

In case you missed his first one, it’s a bit scarier:

Okay, no it’s not scary at all. It is just so dang cute.

Some of you may remember his previous costumes:

turtle dachshund, 2011


sub-pup, 2010


One bright spot that cheered me up while sick? A super awesome package in the mail! I love getting mail. I participated in Lindsay’s Care Package Swap this year, and I was lucky enough to have Lindsay herself as my swap partner.

She sent some awesome things:

Tomato paste, apricot paste, stuffed leaves (yum!), maple bitters (so excited about this), pepper jelly (you know I am excited about this!), tapenade.

Jalapeno pepper mini pops (does she know what I love or what?), ranch dip (yes, yes she does), green magma and blue algae – wait, blue algae nut butter!! So very intrigued, I cannot wait. I see cashews on there. Fun napkins, hibiscus tea (LOVE!), and seaweed snacks.

Baking cups and cooks twine (I’ve already used the twine, for a non food project!), apricots, soya powder. I am intrigued again – really excited to use the soya powder.

Perfect breakfast right here – french vanilla coffee and chocolate chia. So excited for this!

and oh my gosh, Sweet Gratitude! A a cookbook of Cafe Gratitude’s raw desserts – this is perfect for me and I already have so many pages bookmarked.

Gratitude. I have so much right now – thank you Lindsay, so much! This gift definitely made my day.

Hope you are all having a great weekend… I’m enjoying some couch time with Jason and Basil, and a piece of brownie bottomed cheesecake

so, have you ever seen a turtle without his shell?



You want to know what is simultaneously exciting and heart wrenching at once? Searching Oregon Dachshund Rescue to find my little Basil – basa a sister.

The little kielbasa has a birthday tomorrow, he turns nine. Given that Basil was a birthday gift for me when we adopted him, why not find Basil a little sister for his birthday?

Hence the excitement. The heart wrenching roller coaster comes when I see all of these little sweetie long dogs, so many needing extra love and care, all of them needing real homes. I just want to adopt them all, make up for their sad past and help them heal and trust.

There has to be a sweet little girl pup that will fit in perfectly with Basil and our family. I hope she finds us soon, just as I hope all of these pups find their perfect place soon.

We had another Happy Hour at Home recently, featuring one of my favorite easy summer appetizers – bruschetta. At the market, I cannot pass by the heirloom tomatoes stands without choosing a few, and they really make a bright and fresh bruschetta. Basil provided by mom’s garden, thanks mom!

heirloom tomato bruschetta

1 (gluten free) sourdough baguette
olive oil
2-3 heirloom tomatoes (depending on size)
bunch fresh basil (chiffonaded)
sea salt, pepper
balsamic reduction*

Slice baguette, arrange on baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil. Toast breads in 325 degree oven for 5-7 minutes or until crisp. Chop tomatoes and chiffonade basil, add to a bowl. Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Arrange toasts on serving plate, spoon tomato basil mixture onto each toast. Drizzle balsamic over each toast. 

*balsamic reduction – how to

In a well ventilated area, in a saucepan over high heat, bring balsamic vinegar to a boil (the amount you begin with will reduce to about one quarter that amount – 1 cup balsamic vinegar = 1/4 reduction). Reduce heat to simmer, stirring continually. Vinegar will thicken within several minutes, remove from heat. Allow to cool, transfer to container (preferably a squeeze bottle) and store in refrigerator. 

Are you a bruschetta fan? What is your favorite easy summertime appetizer?

Have you ever adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue?



We take Basil on outings as often as we can. This weekend, he joined us at Home Depot:

and Lowe’s!

He stayed home for the after hours rock show at the bookstore, though…

He doesn’t like loud noise.

We enjoyed grilled sushi dogs,

and I had worked a little bit (cookbook recipe testing for Allyson):

and I made several batches of these

Have a great week!