kicked up queso bean dip

Happy Monday everyone!  Meatless Monday, at that.

I didn’t know the ingredient for this week until after we were already snowed in. Have you all heard what has been happening in Portland since [click to continue…]


spicy Thai totchos

Last month we flew down to L.A. for four days of fun with friends just before Christmas. We had front row seats to The Dan Band (extremely fun and I highly recommend!), we cry-laughed through the Anchorman premiere, and we sang Christmas carols in our fluffy robes to people in our hotel lobby. Super fun shenanigans and [click to continue…]


Southern Belle-ini

For all of the holiday festivities, to ring in the new year, even kicking back on a Sunday for the football game – you know I have the food and drink all planned out.

It seems every time I throw a party, there are some tried and true standards that always come to play. Our favorites (um, my favorites? okay).

Even so, I do like to mix it up and wow people with something new. I have another Foodie collection to share with you, this time it is my Top 16 Cocktail Party Recipes of 2013. Hand held nibbles, things to dip and dip in to, a savory stuffed waffle and a stuffed avocado. Bright and pretty drinks, festive and fruity, this list is sure to inspire.

Because even if it is football, it can still be a cocktail party.

If you cannot see the slideshow, click here to see the whole collection.




taco crunch wrap


Just a couple years out of college, I was well versed in the Portland night life. My friends and I went dancing every weekend. Sometimes both Friday and Saturday nights.

Oh, who am I kidding, we went dancing every Wednesday evening too.

The weekends were reserved for Santorini, a Greek restaurant and club downtown. Santorini is where I learned to sing several songs in Arabic, where I had at least one birthday party, where from the deejay to the bartenders to the owner, everyone knew our name.

Wednesdays you could find us upstairs at [click to continue…]


Hatch chile queso


This is by far the best queso I have ever had, anywhere.

I have already made it three times since I received The Sexy Vegan’s latest book, Happy Hour at Home. (Yes! Intrigued was I, as one of my favorite themes around here is my own Happy Hour at Home!).

I received Brian Patton’s book to review – Brian Patton is The Sexy Vegan – you may know him from

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kabocha fries with buffalo celery ranch dressing


I have a couple early food memories around squash.

One is Grandpa Z’s zucchini. He would grow them bigger than our dachshund.

He would slice them into half-inch rounds, batter and fry them. Oooh mama, those were some good eatin’. Summertime at the grandparents house was fun and tasty.

I can still see Grandpa Z holding up one of his big zucchini, huge grin on his face.

The second memory is my mom’s favorite way to prepare squash – split in half, scoop out the innards, bake with a [click to continue…]


croque monsieur stuffed waffles


One of the most popular sandwiches at that deli I ran was a toasted croque monsieur. I am positive it still is. Equal to the espresso line in the morning and the lineup for soup on cold Portland days, the line for hot sandwiches snaked around the store.

Just thinking about all of that brings nostalgia – I am ready for crisp cool fall days.

Soup. Lining up for your food cart favorite.

Walking down the street drinking warm coffee, cold morning air that you can [click to continue…]



ramen burger - sushi style


Can you believe it is September?

I cannot believe it is September.

There. Cliches out of the way, I want to take a moment to thank you.

All of you who visit me here every day, even when I have been too busy these last two years to connect, reply to your very appreciated comments, or visit your blogs often. There have been times I so truly missed the community of blogging, have felt so out of touch from that community, and I miss it.

I am coming back. Right now, I have been taking time.

To mourn. To celebrate. To remember. To express gratitude. Lots of gratitude.

Thank you, dear readers. So many of you have shown me such generous friendship, and have helped to make a difficult time a bit easier, a bit brighter. I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness.

vegan ramen burger

Vegan MoFo is here again – this is my third year participating. The plant based version of NaNoWriMo is a fun month of themes and inspiration. I honestly didn’t know if I had it in me this year, but much like a major kitchen renovation being the best distraction for me right now, I am ready to tackle Vegan MoFo.

I already have [click to continue…]