please stop telling me “the ice bucket challenge is bad for me”

by Kristina Sloggett

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we interrupt the recipes for a rare Spabettie Fist Shake. Yums will return tomorrow.

no thanks, I do not need to hear “why the ice bucket challenge is bad for you“.

my only gripe with this particular challenge is twofold:

one, that I believe so much more money should /could be raised – many are doing this challenge in lieu of a donation, including those who have resources to donate (or donating much more). others have valid reasons for not donating (animal testing, for one), and are choosing to donate elsewhere.

two, people are doing this challenge without mentioning HOW TO DONATE OR EDUCATE, and many without knowing what ALS even is. don’t know why it is ice water – there is a specific reason for the ice water.

that said, the campaign is obviously working, and whether ALS “is not an especially great need in public health” is obviously moot – people like to donate to the causes which need cures, the diseases we do not bring on ourselves:

Donation Vs Disease                                                                                                                                         (source – CDC 2011)


today I have already seen a new info-graphic in my social media feeds several times – Where We Donate vs. Diseases That Kill Us – and I have been told “you are spending money on the wrong disease”.

in this one info-graphic, heart disease is #1 on the killer side, and “low” on the donation side, at 54 million (this is dated 2011). what should I be giving my money to, the message is, is to a disease that we already know the most common causes? where does this 54 million go? hopefully to the rare and uncommon reasons for heart disease. because really, we already know the most common causes of heart disease, the “research” has been done, time and again. why will my money be most effective if given to heart disease? to come up with new ways to fix those are broken by lifestyle choices?

if there is a choice to “donate” to a change in medicine, I would: to more doctors recommending or prescribing that lifestyle is a major factor in health, and that our choices have a direct effect on our long term health (we should care more about what we have been given). prescribe real food rather than more drugs, and work to reduce those drugs. easy [free] access to dietary change and smoking cessation programs. there are many ways to reduce heart disease as our number one killer, and most of them are our own choice.

Atherosclerosis is also the most common cause of cardiovascular disease. It can be caused by correctable problems, such as an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, being overweight and smoking (Mayo Clinic).

back to the original idea here – social media is powerful. people want to donate to causes that lack a cure, and the fact that fewer people have it is of no consequence to the fact that it is a devastating disease that will benefit from education, awareness and research. there is no wrong in donating.

when I know that my money and time spent will go towards awareness and education of how to reverse and prevent heart disease, my money and time will be well spent.



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