Sparkling Watermelon Ginger Punch

Sparkling Watermelon Ginger Punch

I made cocktails again.

Jason and I both have been taking turns playing bartender lately. His are tequila based, with all kinds of citrus flavors. Mine? Savor all the fresh fruity flavors of summertime in Portland.

I ‘juiced’ a watermelon. You can too.

cocktail bitters

Our bitters collection is getting extensive too. Ginger is my current favorite, and I have one called Kina Tonic that I am also partial to. Not even because it is one of my nicknames.

That might be the reason I bought it though.

Sparkling Watermelon Punch


Today my mom and I are going to my salon for wedding hairstyle trials. I should have made us a batch of these! Also, today I am over at Kim’s place again, sharing the very easy, very tasty recipe at Today’s Creative. Please go visit and say hello –> Sparkling Watermelon Ginger Punch






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