It’s Cherry Season! A Cherry Recipe Collection

perfect cherry pancakes

Cherry season is here! How do I know? Because I have bowls and bowls of cherries picked from our tree in the front yard. I wait and wait for that deep red (which is like 9 hours of sunshine after they start turning pale red), then I race out there and get them before the birds do.

Our tree is tall, so until I rent a cherry picker I am leaving the birds enough anyway – they possess the wonder of flight, so I kindly ask them to dine on the top shelf fruit.

While I sit here pitting and eating, pitting and canning, pitting and eating, I am planning. I have a few new recipe ideas, one I have already started on. Until I can share those, I am sharing my last two seasons of cherry creations.



vegan cherry pancakes

Perfect Cherry Pancakes


Cherry Cheesecake Pops with Shortbread Crumb


Cherry Mojito Milkshakes

Cherry Mojito Milkshakes


Cherry Zucchini Crumb Muffins


Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream


Rustic Cherry Goat Cheese Tarts


vegan French toast

Cherry Vanilla Protein French Toast


Spiked Cherry Limeade Pops


Double Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream


Cherry Ginger Coconut Quinoa


Cherry Sorbet Champagne Floats


Dark Chocolate Cherry Galette



have any cherry recipes to share? please link up in comments!




  1. says

    Those cherry cheesecake pops are chanting my name! I might need to add in some chopped hazelnuts or cashews or a few ribbons of chocolate syrup with a hint of Frangelico for a nuttier adult pop. 😉
    Many thanks…cheers!

  2. says

    will you make all of these for me?! pretty pleaseeeeeeee! with a cherry on top? heehee, see what I did there?! I’ll feed you delicious wine in return :) YUM, I adore cherries!

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