‘Tuna’ Melts with Homemade Meltable Cheese Slices – Comfortably Yum

'tuna' melts with homemade meltable cheese slices

I first met Allison Rivers Samson at the Vida Vegan Conference – I was lucky to be invited to a super fun dinner she was also attending. Lucky because she brought all of us some of her amazing Lavender Caramels from her gourmet confection boutique.

I have kept in touch with Allison, and was so very excited to hear she was writing an e-book. I had been a longtime fan of her VegNews column, and her recipes (mac and cheese!) are legendary. Comfort food at it’s finest, which you all know I love.

In addition to her Magic Mac and Cheese, I have made several other recipes from Allison’s e-book, Comfortably Yum. Two of my favorites are her Meltable Cheese Slices (oooh my…) and her (Save The) Tuna Melts.

This cheese. Worth the book for this one recipe, in my opinion. I have made this cheese three times, and it is not only incredibly flavorful, it really does melt!

Her (Save the) Tuna Salad is a great recipe too – one that can be tucked into a sandwich or wrap, or enjoyed atop a green salad. Making an open faced toasty sandwich with her melty cheese and a generous slice of tomato? Perfection.

I have also made the Chocolate Salted Caramel Pudding Parfaits (um. YUM) and the Caesar Salad (so very good!).

vegan 'tuna' melts with homemade cheese slices

Allison is offering a copy of Comfortably Yum to one of my readers, continue reading to enter the giveaway.

If you would like to purchase Comfortably Yum, Allison is also offering a $3 discount for spabettie readers – enter code KSB414 at checkout. This discount runs through next Monday, April 28th (thank you Allison!).

In addition to offering a $3 discount, Allison is donating $3 of every purchase to Animal Place, a sanctuary in her neighborhood.

'tuna' melts with homemade meltable American cheese


The Giveaway: One copy of e-book Comfortably Yum. Giveaway open to everyone everywhere, it’s digital!

To enter: Visit Comfortably Yum to see the list of recipes – come back and leave a comment here telling us which recipe you would make first.

Giveaway open through Monday, April 28th at midnight. Winner notified via email Tuesday, April 29.




  1. says

    Yum! And such a great giveaway! To be honest, she had me at vegan mac and cheese, although the mock tuna melts look pretty delicious as well.

  2. Cat says

    All of the recipes looks great but my curiosity is definitely piqued with the cheese slices. I’d have to try those first.

  3. says

    I would love to try the beet burger recipe. The one time I attempted to make beet burgers, it was a complete disaster, so it would be nice to know a better way to make them!

  4. says

    Ok that sounds fantastic! All of her recipes look great. I’d love to try the beet burger b/c I tried making one once before based off one that everyone raved about. I would also try out that chowder b/c I know that’d be up Jason’s alley.

  5. Amanda says

    I would definitely try the cheese slices first! I’d make the clam-free chowder for my parents to try and get them to go vegan.

  6. Amy S Van D says

    I would make the Save the tuna *with* her cheese slices recipe(s) first! By the way, I’ve made her chowder many times and it’s incredible!!

  7. Patty Holt says

    After looking at Allison’s recipes and wanting to make each one (except maybe the beet burgers – sorry!), I have to say I’d first make the meltable cheese!

  8. Michelle says

    I would make the save the tuna melt as that is one thing I really miss and have not yet found to duplicate that I like. I also would make tons of the meltable cheese as I would use it all the time.

  9. Yvonne van de Water says

    So lovely to be able to enter this giveaway, being from Europe!
    The meltable american-style cheese slice look so real – I’m very curious to know how they are made; but the vegan egg salad reminds me of the spanish ‘ensaladilla russia’, with mayo, potatoes, peas, carrots, etc., that I’m wish I could make vegan.
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  10. Orsi says

    Umm…hard to decide, but there is a very rainy and gray day today, so I need something YUM:), so I decided I’d make The Chocolate Glazed Fudge Cupcakes first!

  11. Andi says

    They all look fantastic! The cheese slices would be first, then on to the clam-free chowder. My husband would be on cloud nine!

  12. Barbara says

    I seem to be the only one craving the vegan egg salad. Maybe it’s because I collect eggs from my chickens everyday and then give them to my dogs!

  13. Nima says

    Wow. I think I’d make the chocolate glazed fudge cupcakes – it’s my bf’s birthday soon, and he’s a choco-lovin’ vegan!

  14. says

    Being a seaweed harvester on the Mendocino coast of Northern California, I would make the save the tuna salad and the clam-free chowder first. I would like to see if they include locally harvested seaweeds in the recipes!!! Thanks so much!

  15. says

    Oh goodness… it’s a hard one to pick – they all look amazing! I think I would start with the (save the) tuna melt – so that I could make the cheese as well! You had me meltable!

  16. Wendy M says

    Oh my goodness, there are so many that look amazing. Meltable cheese slices though? Incredible. I think my family would lose their minds being able to have a legit grilled cheese again.

  17. says

    After trying Allison’s Mac & Cheese from VegNews Magazine way back and deeming it great I’m convinced all of the recipes are amazing. Picking just one? Okay, the Chocolate Salted-Caramel Pudding Parfaits are calling my name so I’ll go with these.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. says

    Oh man, that sandwich looks *too* delicious. All of her recipes look great, but I’m especially interested in the clam-free chowder. I’ve never had the real deal, but I’d love to try a vegan version!

  19. Wendy Abraham Gerr says

    As the oh so lucky recipient of Comfortably Yummm, I want to say Thank you so much! I thought I would make the UN tuna first….butwhat can I say, the altered caramel won. Then the mac n cheese. This sauce blew my mind! By far the healthiest and best tasting “cheese sauce” I’vehad. Thanks again….I am telling all my patients about it. Yummmmy.

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