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VC Andrews

Best gift ever?! Every book in every series from V.C. Andrews. Jason knows me. Do you know V.C. Andrews books?

Keeping lemons fresh, for like, more than two days before they go bad on my kitchen counter. I love lemon flavor – juice and zest – and there really isn’t anything like fresh. Excited to try this, so I can buy more than two lemons at a time.

One of my favorite things lately – a phone charger. A portable one. I don’t like when people say things like “life changing” for something so trivial, but. When I am out and about (all the time), this is a lifesaver.

The Dan Band

Just before Christmas we flew down to L.A. with some friends for a few days. My attempt to make the holidays different this year. Went to the hotel lobby in our robes and Christmas carols to strangers. Saw The Dan Band from the front row. Got to have a lunch date with Miss fantastic and Miss spectacular. Perfect.

The Dan Band? Hilarious and fun beyond my expectations.

THIS. so incredibly awesome. I already have one on it’s way to me – I’ll share the hilarity when it arrives. Also? Within the last couple of days, nine friends have shared this with me. Y’all know me, you really really know me.

this recipe

that recipe

and THIS recipe. I made this with a homemade cashew fondue.

and these dachshunds – GAAH.

okay, and these dachshunds:


Are you watching the Academy Awards tonight? I am making a bunch of tasty foods and having a party on the living room floor. Cannot wait.

Happy Sunday!



  1. says

    A living room floor party sounds like the best idea right about now! My heritage guilty pleasure reads are more in the ridiculous fantasy novel area, but so many people are obsessed with V.C. Andrews that you know the ZOMG SCANDAL has to be good. :)

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      it was nice, but we were both saying how good the show was this year, and it would have been a good one to have a big party for. have a great week, Eileen!

  2. says

    I read all the “Dawn” series and “Flowers in the Attics” books until I realized they were pretty much the same stories!

    Have fun tonight – we watch every year and usually host a themed party but this year we’ll just be chillin at my Uncle’s yelling our predictions over takeout.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      they do kind of blend together, right? I am looking forward to some of the more obscure (meaning, I have never heard of!) series – maybe there’s some different story lines…

      the Oscars were GOOD, right? one of the first years we didn’t do something big too – would have been a good one to have a party!

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