cauliflower steaks with shiitake gravy

quinoa-chia cauliflower steaks

I know I say this every year, but the holidays truly begin for me when I smell the beginnings of my mom’s dressing. Our own mirepoix of onions, celery and vermouth is the lovely scent I am after – and the holidays are here.

Yesterday, mom and I started planning Thanksgiving.

I always make dessert and way too many daytime snacks and appetizers (those are my two areas of expertise, if I have any). Jason always makes the mashed potatoes.

Since my kitchen is still in full on renovation mode, I am excited to spend the day before Thanksgiving over at moms, cooking all day!

cauliflower steaks with shiitake gravy

With my plant based diet and both Jason and mom being gluten free, there are always an abundance of choices for just about everyone.

This year my entree will be steak.

Cauliflower steak.

Smothered in this shiitake gravy atop Jason’s perfect mashed taters, with some of my ginger cranberry sauce and my mom’s awesome dressing and a bunch of garlicy greens, I will be in holiday bliss.

plant based steaks with mushroom gravy

Please visit me at Attune to see both recipes – Quinoa-Chia Cauliflower Steaks




  1. says

    Those look amazing! I hope you have room for me and Jason!! πŸ˜‰ Our menu pretty much never changes. That can be good and bad. I don’t get to be creative, but then I also don’t have to stress about it. I do have to make something for a work potluck though.

  2. says

    Even though I could never eat anything they made, I do miss the smells and sights and sounds of a big family Thanksgiving meal. Last year my mom still made a small meal for her and her friend, but I don’t think she can even afford that this year. Instead we’re going to go to the home with Gram and hang out there for the big meal and just enjoy the company (and hope it smells better than normal.) πŸ˜‰

    Your ideas? Genius. I would love to come hang out!

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