jalapeno popper pepper jacks

jalapeno popper pepper jacks

This Is Halloween, This Is Halloween! Halloween Halloween, This Is Halloween!

Long time readers know my favorite time of year is autumn – I love what October smells like – and that I love Halloween. I tend to get creative with the foods this time of year.

The Halloweenies in this house are looking forward to their costumes:

Jailbird Dog


Skeleton Dachshund


turtle dachshund, 2011


sub-pup, 2010


Remember Basil’s costumes? This is Rosemary’s first Halloween with us – photos of her costumes coming soon…


You may also remember my pepper jacks – carrot ginger quinoa pepper jacks and the year before that, pizza polenta pepper jacks. They won an award, they caught the eye of Pee Wee Herman and went viral, they are dinner year round in this house. Yep, carved jack o lanterns included.

I make the carrot quinoa ginger jacks a lot, that flavor combination is one of our favorites. This cheesy jalapeno flavor has already been made twice, and will become a regular thing too –  I am really excited about this one.

cheesy jalapeno pepper jacks

Taking the idea and flavor from a [plant based] jalapeno popper, these have the mild spice from jalapenos, the crumbly topping reminiscent of a batter coating, and a cheesy sauce. Oh, the cheesy sauce.

I finally made a chickpea cheese, and while I still love my cashews, this one is good.

Smooth, savory, cheesy.

chickpea quinoa pepper jacks


To see the chickpea cheese and the full recipe, please come say hello – jalapeno popper pepper jacks.



this recipe was shared with Healthy Vegan Fridays.



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    I DO remember that you love Halloween, mostly because I remember those adorable peppers and doggy costumes. Chauncey is often a lobster. He’s also often not thrilled. I used to love Halloween as well until I started having to cover it five months out of the year for work. (Right now I’m writing about Halloween 2014. Ugh.)

    But it’s still a really fun time of year and I love all your pictures. Can’t wait to see what this year brings (chickpea cheese? Yes please!)

  2. says

    I’m happy you’re in the mood for Halloween! Over here it’s not such a big deal (no traditional holiday, but it’s swapping over from the US), but I enjoy seeing all your beautiful Halloween food creations! Basil’s costumes are the best. 😀


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