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raspberry coconut flax waffles


errey day I’m waffelin’

Okay – not every day, but often.  Also? Recycled line, I’ve used it before.

You might know I do love my waffles, though. and that I am anything but traditional with them. Sweet? Yes. Savory? Absolutely. As sandwich bread? Why not. In place of a sandwich altogether, in stuffed waffle form? All the time.

Today, because it is Sunday and we’re having waffles for breakfast, I bring you a few waffle recipes to choose from – some sweet, some savory, some stuffed, all good:


grilled cheese wafflewich sliders

grilled cheese wafflewich sliders


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sweet zucchini waffles with mango


raspberry coconut waffles

raspberry coconut flax waffles


carrot juice waffles


croque monsieur stuffed waffles

croque monsieur stuffed waffles


tahini kale stuffed waffles


cheesy tomato stuffed waffles


pancakes or waffles? ever enjoy them savory?



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    Tahini kale? Ooooh. I had my first savory waffle about 6 months ago and I was dubious but it was awesome – it’s a tester from Joni’s upcoming vegan fusion book.

    We had waffles today! Basically I’ve been making oatmeal and plopping it in the waffle iron. (Recipe on my blog if you’re interested).

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