sweet and salty cluster crunch

sweet and salty cluster crunch spabettie

I woke up to a wonderful crisp and cool morning. As I sit here and drink my coffee on the deck with the pups, I am smelling the air (the dachshunds are sitting here sniffing too), getting a hint of October.

I love what October smells like.

sweet and salty yogurt crumble spabettie

We have been incredibly lucky with a perfect summer. Very little rain, perfect temperatures, all kinds of sun and fun. There are times when Portland’s summer goes way to quickly, where the sun does not always play along, and many of us feel the cooler weather comes too soon.

This year, I am ready.

I am ready for the cool mornings and evenings. Walks in the neighborhood as the sun goes down, with scarf and gloves and coats on the dogs. Autumn produce and changing flavors – deep and smoky and hearty.

sweet and salty ice cream topping spabettie

Are you getting ready for fall?

Please come say hello at Attune today – I’m sharing my sweet and salty cluster crunch.


this recipe was shared with Healthy Vegan Fridays.




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    After our early streak of 100 degree days this summer, we recently just set a record for 10 days without hitting 80 degrees. (That’s Michigan for you.) About 70 degrees is perfect for me, and I love crisp mornings and evenings when you can throw on a sweatshirt and be perfectly comfortable. In other words, I dig fall 😉

    Going to go check out your post!

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    I’m definitely jealous of that October smell–we never get it in CA, no matter what month it is! This crunch sounds great too. I can just imagine myself eating it all by the handful before ever managing to make an ice cream to go under it… :)

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    I’m so excited for Fall! I was actually in Portland last week and this Texan was not prepared. I packed my Texas Summer Clothes not realizing that Portland Summers are actually Late Texas Falls. It felt like Halloween in July and got me really craving Fall!

    Now it’s 107 in Austin.


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