flu-fighting red grape cooler

flu-fighting red grape cooler


I had some kind of flu bug for two whole weeks. I still have the cough, and while it did not turn into pneumonia like several people thought, my face was insomuchpain from a sinus infection.

red grape cooler

Anyway, I have already spent two too many sentences on what ails me. I spent the week eating whole pineapples, huge glasses of juice, and grapes. Many many grapes. Red grapes are my favorite, and last week that was because of the antioxidants I was hoping would cure me – grapes are powerful healers.

So I decided to blend a bunch. Two bunches.

The result was perfection. Cool, sweet perfection.

flu-fighting grape juice

flu-fighting red grape cooler

makes one large refreshing glass

2 cups red grapes
5 Medjool dates, pitted
1 apple, cored

1 cup organic coconut water
juice of 1 lemon

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
handful ice cubes

Juice the lemon and apple, remove grapes from stems (seeds are fine). Combine grapes, dates, coconut water, lemon juice and cinnamon into blender, blend at high speed until smooth. Add ice, blend.

flu-fighting grape cooler

French fries. I ate French fries too. I always crave French fries when sick – do you get weird cravings like that?



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    When we get sick here, I freeze a ton of grapes. I LOVE cold frozen grapes on my sore throat and I love the fact that I (and the boys) get good sickness fighting ingredients too! I’m glad you’re feeling better! Hopefully that cough will go away soon too! Nobody wants to be sick in the summer! xoxo

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    That looks so delish! It’s been hot as…well, hot, here lately and this would be amazing to sip on the deck to beat the heat!

    I so hope you are feeling better my dear!

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    I’m sorry you’re still feeling sick–get well soon! :) At least you have an obviously amazing juice to drink to help you feel better. The grapes have started popping up at our farmer’s market–I think next weekend I’ll have to grab some and try this out.

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    That is so beautiful ~ I want it now! Grapes are also great for migraines.. a couple of glasses of fresh squeezed grape juice work wonders.

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    Oh my goodness!! I remember when you said you weren’t feeling well…
    Summer bugs are simply the worst, but this looks soothing. And nutritious. I know Liv will love this just for an after dance rehearsal drink as she loves grapes but I love the antioxidants packed in! I sure hope you are better by now. I had something similar last spring and it lasted a good 5 weeks. Just miserable.


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