apple peanut butter treats – a bake sale for Muffin

You all know I have a soft spot for dogs.

I am partial to dachshunds at my house, and we currently have two rescues – sweeties Basil and Rosemary. They came to us with limited background story, but enough quirks to know they had not been given the best life before coming to our home.

I cannot imagine the horrors so many animals face, and I wish I could help them all.

Right now, there is a dog in desperate need of our help – whenever I hear details of Muffin’s story, I go hug my two pups close. They wiggle away and wonder what’s up. Muffin was found, neglected and severely abused, and is currently in the care of a rescue organization.


My friend Kita from Pass the Sushi will be adopting Muffin as soon as this sweet pup is ready. Kita has already spent time with Muffin, and says she is a sweetie:

“As you all know, we are rooting on Lil Miss Muffin, a pup found neglected and abused. She is with the wonderful people at Response-A-Bull rescue as they continue her treatment and long road to recovery. Muffin is amazingly, one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met, even after all she has been through. Her personality is soft and affectionate. She loves to snuggle on the sofa, and with that big cone, it can be quite the entertainment to watch her settle into your lap. But worth it. Very very worth it. With such a long road ahead of her, we are hoping to help raise some awareness and help with the cost of the increasing medical expense for Muffin.”

Today a large group of bloggers are coming together to help Muffin with a bake sale. I am contributing Basil’s favorite, apple peanut butter dog treats.


There are many tasty treats up for bid, and bids get you raffle tickets for a Le Creuset French oven! Please visit the auction today and help this sweet pup!



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    You know I feel the same way about my animals as you do, so I’m going to head over to the site and check things out. Thanks for sharing her story–and sharing your gifts!

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    I’m a dog lover too :) These types of stories are always sad to hear, but it’s wonderful someone’s been found to love and care for Muffin. Hope the auction goes well.

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    I feel like you do. I love all animals but there is a special place in my heart for dogs. I cringe every time I hear of a dog being abused. I do not understand it at all. I will head over to the auction……

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    My dog was not a rescue but both of my daughters have dogs that were as does the friends I’m living with now. The love those pups have for owners that have rescued them is beyond…beyond even what I think my sweet pup is capable of. She has never known anything but being spoiled; they have and I think the loyalty they bring to people who give them a good life is just beyond compare.

    I’m with everyone else…going over to check out the auction and help where I can. I know pit bulls have a bad rap but if one dog that has been bullied can be saved and given a new life…sure I want to help!

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