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by Kristina Sloggett

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Remember in school, those class assignments where you were to get into small groups to complete said assignment?

Were you That One Person who did all the work while everyone else took credit, or… were you the lucky and relaxed everyone else?

I was That One Person. *sigh*    …but somehow in college I turned into that procrastinator person, staying up all night at the very last possible second to get things done.

Cheesy, not at all smooth segue … now!

Here I am waiting until the last minute to talk about this – Google Reader is going away, as of today. Tonight. Tomorrow, it will be gone.

While I waited until the last minute to talk about it here, I didn’t procrastinate with my own favorite feeds (yay, me!).

I have been reading my favorite blogs and articles from Feedly for about a month. Not exactly like G Reader (I love that even with different folders, my true favorites and most reads still came up to the top, regardless of the newer publishings ahead of them. maybe Feedly can get on that.), but the closest I have found. before importing my G Reader feed (it takes mere minutes!), I did briefly try Bloglovin’. I use it too.

Are you a Google Reader, um, reader? Have you moved somewhere else already?

You can follow me on Feedly here, on Bloglovin’ here, and all of these places if you are not already:






Lastly? I miss you all – I miss it here. I will be back with a new recipe tomorrow, and hopefully back to a kinda sorta regular schedule soon. I have a lot to share, and want to hear from you, I miss the interaction. What’s new with you?

I am just now home from a fantastically fun weekend at Fitbloggin’ – I will share with you the fun I had soon – and we’re having people over to grill this afternoon.

This sparkly spiked raspberry granita is sitting in the freezer right this minute, waiting for me to scrape scrape scrape into glasses and top with whip cream:


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