buckwheat hemp banana pancakes

by Kristina Sloggett

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buckwheat hemp banana pancakes

I am going to be that cliche that talks about summertime… again.

I am just loving the summer like weather we are having in Portland … already. Like, shorts and tees and sandals weather… every day. Daylight until almost 8pm – you all know my favorite part of summer is that we get daylight until after 9pm – here it comes, everybody! 

It has been so nice all week.

Until this Sunday. We have a 50 percent chance of rain. So we’re celebrating Mom on Saturday. Having the family over to grill, play in the sun with four dachshunds.

buckwheat hemp banana pancakes

Sunday will be … my mom day? (two of those dachshunds are mine…)

I’ll sleep in (which will mean a glorious 7:am most likely). I’ll make these pancakes. I’ll take those pups for a long walk. We will go see a movie. A fun day where my biggest issue will be should I add chocolate chips to my pancakes or not?

buckwheat hemp banana pancakes

With a total of five ingredients, this is an easy vegan gluten free recipe using what you most likely have on hand. These pancakes have no added sugar, using a ripe banana as a natural sweetener.

Adding dark chocolate chips makes these pancakes even sweeter:

buckwheat hemp chocolate banana pancakes

so good, and a like a completely new recipe with one added ingredient. 

do I make my Sunday pancakes with chocolate, or without?

buckwheat hemp chocolate banana pancakes


to see the recipe, please come say hello at Attune: buckwheat hemp banana pancakes 


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