lemony blackened broccoli pizza

lemony blackened broccoli pizza

I am a Burning Man attendee.

Jason is a Rainbow Gathering attendee.

Growing up in different parts of the country, I’m thinking. We both followed the Grateful Dead a bit, but that is another story for … another blog day.

lemony blackened broccoli pizza

At Burning Man, the “currency” is trade – a no cash operation.

At Rainbow, apparently you get such a craving for Snickers bars that you drive 40 miles for one. It was worth it, I hear.

The following year, when Jason returned to The Big One (literally called The Nationals), he was enterprising – he brought with him cases and cases of Snickers bars. Sold them for $5 a piece, easily.

lemony blackened broccoli pizza

Then he learned from his friends at Tea Time (where you can always get delicious fresh brewed tea) that if you eat sugar out in the sun, you attract mosquitoes.

The Snickers bars were hidden away, and out came the sale of garlic. πŸ˜‰

Away went theΒ mosquitoes.

Out came the Snickers bars…?

I see how a trend can circle here.

I think all I’d need to use as currency is this pizza. Everyone would love it. It’s green.

lemony blackened broccoli pizza

lemony blackened broccoli pizza

dairy, soy, and gluten free, vegan

makes one pie

2 large trees broccoli
olive oil
sea salt
juice of 2 lemons, divided
1 cup slow cooker basil marinara
4-5 ounces cheese (dairy / soy free)
1 gluten free pizza crust recipe

Chop broccoli into small trees, arrange in single layer on parchmented baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sea salt, juice of one lemon.Β Roast at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, turning at 15 minutes.

Par bake pizza crust (10 minutes at 350). Top with marinara and cheese, pile roasted broccoli on last. Bake at 350 for another 15-17 minutes, until cheese is melty and crust is cooked through.

Squeeze remaining lemon over top before serving.

lemony blackened broccoli pizza

Ever been to one of the festivals? What would your currency be?



  1. says

    I have a glut of purple sprouting broccoli at the moment, loving it but very keen to use it in a few different ways. hadn’t thought of pizza so thanks for the idea.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      hmm – we were on the same wavelength again! and YES, English muffin pizza is a childhood classic!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      it was years ago. college stuff, you know. Jason makes fun of my Burner days, and I make fun of his Rainbow ways…

  2. says

    I really want that pizza right now! Wow, love the flavor combos going on there. I’ve never been to any festival quite like that. Does Memphis in May count? Probably not. Now, Snickers are good, but not sure they’re THAT good. Maybe wine…yep, definitely wine πŸ˜‰

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      ding ding ding, Lindsay wins with frozen snickers!! and yes… I have been to a few of Austin’s festivals… πŸ˜‰

  3. says

    This looks amazing!! You’d have to be crazy not to want this yummy pizza!!
    As for a currency, I think I would have to say baby wipes or a nice lavender antibacterial spray. Get off that outer level of grime, clean your hands up, wipe your sweaty face, etc. Whenever I am at festivals or events with lots of people all I want to do is wash my hands.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      oh YES – those things are always in high demand (and I at least carry the wipes – the spray would be good too!)

  4. says

    Minus the lemon, I would be all over this pizza. Sprinkle on a little oregano and try to keep me away…

    Anyway, I’m not too into festivals, but my currency would totally be anti-bacterial hand spray, soft toilet paper, deodorant and mini-Snickers for those who are too cheap for the big ones πŸ˜‰

  5. Barbara says

    Wonderful recipe. Try adding a handful of roasted walnuts and this will take you “over the top!”

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I just love lemon, it’s one of those ingredients I add to just about everything πŸ˜‰

  6. says

    Mmm, lemon. Mmm, blackened broccoli. That’s all I need to hear to lure me in–the rest is just decoration πŸ˜‰ I’ve never been to a festival–I love the idea of trade only!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      decoration, or a vehicle πŸ˜‰ I piled that broccoli pretty high!

      yep, pretty cool thing about Burning Man, I think – the trade only.


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