salted toffee crunch truffles

salted toffee crunch truffles

If there is something I like as much as the classic pairing of chocolate and peanut butter, it is chocolate and toffee. Chocolate and toffee and salt.

Welcome to Day One of spabettie’s Vegan Valentines – I made you some truffles.

Another thing I love? Mixed textures. The ganache filling in these truffles is cool and rich and velvety smooth. The toffee pieces mixed in have a warm creamy flavor while being crunchy sweet.

While these truffles have a couple-few steps in the recipe, each of the steps is easy and the short ingredient list is something to feel good about too. If you want to skip the toffee (or buy your own), even easier – and the result is a simple ganache truffle that is impressive on it’s own.

salted toffee crunch truffles

salted toffee crunch truffles

dairy, soy, and gluten free, vegan

makes 12 large truffles, 21-22 regular size

8 ounces dark chocolate, divided
1/2 cup full fat coconut milk (canned)*
1/2 cup chopped
toffee pieces
sea salt

*Open can of coconut milk, spoon out 1/2 cup of the thick portion on top for this recipe.

Chop 4 ounces chocolate.

In saucepan, bring coconut milk to a boil, then remove from heat. Add the chopped chocolate, whisk until smooth. Cover and transfer to freezer to thicken (1 hour).

Chop remaining 4 ounces chocolate, and melt over lowest heat possible. Spoon a small amount into each mold, and using a small paintbrush, coat the mold completely. Sprinkle sea salt into each mold, place in refrigerator for 5 minutes or until chocolate has set. Remove from fridge, repeat – brushing another layer of chocolate to coat, making a thick layer of chocolate ‘shell’. Cool in refrigerator until set.

Remove chocolate coconut ganache from freezer. Stir to soften, add chopped toffee, stir to combine completely.

Fill each mold with chocolate filling, leaving room at the top to seal with more chocolate. Reheat remaining chocolate and fill each mold, covering the filling completely. Tap molds on counter to remove any bubbles, return to refrigerator to set. See step by step photos of this process here.

salted toffee crunch truffles

What candy would you like on Valentines Day?



    • Kristina Sloggett says

      toffee is one of my favorites too. I didn’t like nuts in candy as a kid, but I’d go for those almonds now! :)

  1. says

    aww you are sweet, truffles for ME?! You shouldn’t have 😉 No really, can I have some? Where is your store madam? 😉 hehe.

  2. says

    I took a truffle making class when I lived in Austin. It was a TON of fun, and man everything was delicious, but I just do not have the patience for candy making. Tempering chocolate? Um. No thanks. This, however, seems easier. If only I had a mold. Maybe could just make giant muffin-sized truffles? Mmmm…now THERE’S an idea.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      muffin truffles? I would be all over that! :) I have found if you melt the chocolate VERY low and slow (THIS is where you need patience!), the result is that shiny exterior.

  3. says

    Great minds think alike with the whole toffee thing today! I barely ever have the patience to make candies and truffles, it just seems so involved… you know, as if regular baking isn’t. 😉 Anyway, these look fantastic, can’t wait to see what other Valentine’s treats you have up your sleeve!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      it’s funny, meticulous things like sewing (yes, to me that’s meticulous…) or even jewelry making (I USED to love it!) I have zero patience for, but truffles to me? easy. several steps, but… fun for me!

      and Valentines? going on all week around here!

  4. says

    I want to devour a whole plate of them!! I love that you used coconut milk, i bet it gives a fabulous flavor to the candy! Yum, Hugs, Terra

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