game day recipes

Are you having or going to a get together for the Superbowl tomorrow? Do you know who is playing?

I have a few teams I like to cheer on, and when they’re out, it’s all about the commercials and more importantly, the food and the entertaining. I might pick a team before the game starts, I may not.

What Superbowl Sunday really is to me?

Practice for my Oscar party.

pepperoni chili

pepperoni chili

and to dip in the chili:


cheesy tomato stuffed waffles


spicy buffalo hummus

tangy spicy buffalo hummus


buffalo flatbreads

spicy buffalo flatbreads


jalapeno popper sandwich


Mardi Gras jambalaya 


Reuben rolls with homemade thousand island


chipotle grilled cheese sliders


raw tacos with chipotle cream


for dipping everything:

celery ranch dressing

celery ranch dressing 


chick-quin sandwich

chick-quin sandwiches


peanut butter crunch smoothie


chocolate bourbon caramel truffles


salted marcona & chocolate rice crispies


need even more?

FOODball – great game day eats from friends


are you watching tomorrow? who are you rooting for, Jim or John Harbaugh?



  1. says

    Ok, just got in from a long run so I’m kind of drooling right now. I want 1 of everything please. I doubt I’ll be watching the game tomorrow. Not really into football and it’s a school night so no parties for this gal 😉

  2. says

    I picked up the ingredients for your celery ranch dressing today in honor of tomorrow’s Super Bowl party. I tried to get grape tomatoes for your little cheese tomato bites, but they were all out. Oh well, it’s probably a sign I’m trying to make too much food anyway. Can’t wait to try your dip though…stocked up on my plenty of fresh veggies to go with it, including some beautiful and super skinny green onions. I think they’ll be a perfect pairing.

  3. says

    There was a game? Really? :)

    I watched House of Cards on Netflix. Oops. I also didn’t have any game day food, unless veggies, quinoa, hummus, and salsa, followed by frozen yogurt in the carton counts as game day food.

    I want to lick the screen now though to make up for it.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      we ate hummus and falafel and more hummus… and just a couple of these things 😉

      I’m only in it for the commercials and the hostess role 😀

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