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I shared yesterday that I am taking the Master Veg program and I could not be more excited about it – I have already learned so much, and the curriculum ahead of me looks great. This is another instance where I find myself in a classroom surrounded by like minded people, which is always invigorating and fun. The evening classes have an informal social hour beforehand, and a couple classmates volunteer to bring food for everyone to share – you know I am excitedly planning my turn, right?

living watercress

Taking care of my Dad this last year has me focusing on my own health. I have always been a proponent of preventative maintenance rather than fixing the illness after it happens – taking care of myself now so things don’t happen later. For me, this includes a plant based diet, regular visits with my doctors, rejuvenating workouts, therapeutic massage and my own home spa treatments. Jason and I both take supplements, we always have, and in the last month have a whole new regimen we are trying (I will soon dedicate a whole post to what we are doing).

I have a new approach to food as well – using food as healing and as fuel in addition to being celebratory and a big part of entertaining. I will continue with creating a fun food experience (always), at the same time focusing even more on the healthiest and nutritionally beneficial ingredients.

Today is National Vitamin Day – have you taken your vitamins? What are some ways you practice wellness?


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  1. says

    I’m so envious of your Master Veg program, as I’ve tried to find something–anything–similar around here with no luck whatsoever. It’s frustrating! But I look forward to following your progress.

    I also was thinking of your dad this week and hope things are going okay. I know it’s personal, but you guys are in my thoughts!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      thank you so much for that – overall he is doing okay (we have an appointment soon with the head of oncology, FINALLY!). his trach came out the other day, like the whole thing, so that was a scary thing, but he is doing okay. ((thank you))

      I am loving this program – I went into it thinking much would be overview, and some is, but I have already learned so much! also, I love the community (yet again!) – it is nice to get into groups and have discussions. I love being around people who are so passionate about this thing that I love too!

  2. says

    What a fabulous approach to, well, life. I love food for its social and community-building aspects (as well as its ability to connect generations) but I have also made a shift, in many ways, to thinking about it as the best way to keep your health maintained.

    Your program sounds fascinating. There was a school in Austin that focused on Ayurvedic culinary skills/healing. Is it similar at all?

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      yes, I definitely love food as a social thing, and the traditions from generations past (the memories live on!), and it always will be that for me… I am walking the fine line of having food also be a big part of maintaining good health.

  3. says

    Love that you have this opportunity. I know you will make the most of it too. There was a blogger I used to follow who adapted a vegan lifestyle b/c her husband had cancer. She is a FIRM believer in the healing powers of plant based eating and how you combine your nutrients.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      yes, I believe a vegan (especially raw) diet can definitely contribute to healing! I am loving this class, SO much!

  4. says

    I whole-heartily agree with your approach to food Kristina. It’s a healthy and happy way to eat. So glad you’re enjoying the master veg course. I’ve heard great things about it.

    I hope your dad is doing better!

    xo Julie

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      the course is a good one – I love Cindy from Northwest Veg, and the group we have in class is fun.

      dad is doing okay, thank you for your thoughts. XO Kris

  5. says

    I love wellness week; what a great concept, and I’m on board with your food philosophy. I really, truly and firmly feel food can be a wonderful treat and nourishing and healing all at the same time. It has worked for me and my spouse, so I’ve experienced the connection firsthand.
    I’ve been reading a book called Fight Back With Food; Use Nutrient to Ease what Ails You. You might really enjoy it.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      thanks for the book recommendation, I will definitely look for it! we just feel so much better when we eat well, eat clean. of course we have our indulgences, but we keep them to a minimum generally :)

  6. says

    Like like like! 😀 I love your attitude towards health – caring well for yourself before something happens. I also see food as fuel and medicine, and if it’s fun and tasty on top of that – perfect! :)

    Do you eat completely vegan now? Because you said plant-based. I thought you were a vegetarian and also eat some eggs on occasion. Sorry for asking, I’m just not sure. I could also say I eat plant-based because the largest part of what I eat comes from plant, but you know I’m not a vegan. :)

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I just like the term plant based better than vegan. 😉 and yes, for the most part I am. I have not had an egg for a while, because I only do when I get the FRESH ones from a friend – I have two friends with chickens and they often give me eggs. I do not mind at all that you ask – I just don’t really talk about it too much :)

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