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juice defense

The news tells us this year the flu is the worst ever.

My schedule is jam packed right now – not complaining at all, I am having FUN – and I am tired.

I am afraid to breathe when someone sneezes or coughs in public.

I am using antibac gel like body lotion.

I’m not a doctor, and I am not going to list immune defense properties of the veggies I am currently inhaling in raw and juiced forms. I will tell you that the first six ingredients of this recipe were picked for their vitamins, minerals, antioxidants – feel good energy for me!

The cherries, mango and pineapple were added for sweet flavor. When I finished taking photos, I blended a banana in as well, taking this well over the 24 ounce mark. One huge jar of deliciousness will hopefully help me fight all the bugs out there.

juice defense - wellness wednesday

healthy defense juice

1 lemon, peeled
1 golden beet
1 handful broccoli
4 large carrots
1 clove garlic, peeled
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
handful cherries, pitted
1/2 cup frozen mango
1/2 cup pineapple

Juice lemon, beet, broccoli, carrots and garlic. Pour into blender with apple cider vinegar, cherries, mango and pineapple – blend until smooth. Enjoy immediately.

juicing for wellness

*holds jar of juice in the air* Cheers!



    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I just do NOT want to get sick!! yick!! glad you’re on the other end of your plague πŸ˜‰

      I love to juice broccoli – it brings a very unique flavor!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      me too! I’ve been feeling VERY TIRED lately, but… not really sick. the juice is the answer πŸ˜‰

  1. says

    wow. Aside from the evil flu, that drink looks tasty enough for daily gulping. Nice concoction! Do you have the deets on a good juicer? I’m in the market for one.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      I just CRAVE juice like this every day! if you are wanting to juice a lot, and want to spend a LITTLE bit more on a juicer that will be FAR MORE economical in the long run, find a twin gear or masticating juicer, rather than a centrifugal. twin gear/masticating juicers are MUCH more efficient, you get more juice and the pulp is very little, VERY dry.

      when I began juicing daily several years ago, I started with a Breville centrifugal – and that is a good juicer – and a couple years ago we switched to a twin gear – I use LESS produce for the same amount of juice, and the pulp is dry, not heavy and wet. I hope this helps, Josie, let me know if you have more questions!

  2. says

    Woman…the germs are living in my house! Max came home early from school yesterday and is home again today…all after Jay was home all week last week. I’ve pretty sure the germs are mocking me at this point. I know they are here and they really want me. I’m fighting until the bitter end! I’ve been bathing in everything antibacterial, eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as humanly possible and taking in spices and herbs with germ fighters in them like nobody’s business!

    This juice sounds perfect!

  3. says

    I’ve been taking my ACV shots like a good little girl every morning.

    My stomach and skin are thanking me. My immune system is still questioning the practice. [Is it supposed to help your immune system or did I just make that up?]

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      sure it is! πŸ˜‰ actually I think the things it boosts and/or reduces DO contribute to a healthier immune system!

  4. Vanessa says

    Hi! Just wanted to say that the juice sounds pretty yummy. Also, antibacterial gel won’t do much good since influenza is a virus and using antibacterials will put your own natural bacteria under a selective pressure, encouraging them to become more resistant to antibiotics. Alcohol-based would be better than antibac gel if you want to kill the bacteria nevertheless since the microbes won’t become resistant to alcohol but will still die.

  5. says

    I’ve been juicing lately too -feels like I’m getting a transfusion of all those good vitamins and minerals. Hoping it will help keep me healthy this winter too!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      a transfusion – YES! it’s like instant bright energy, I think that is why I feel like I NEED my juice each morning… cheers – here’s to everyone around us staying healthy and well this winter (and all year…)!

  6. Hotsie101 says

    I wanted to tell everyone to try beet leaves and two apples the beets are good also to juice.I normally roast the beets for a salad

  7. happyvalleymom says

    This looks and sounds yummy! That is until I saw the last three ingredients. I have an allergy to cherry, mango and pineapple. Since you are adding them as a sweetener could I add any fruit? Strawberries, raspberries and oranges perhaps?

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