s’mores shots in chocolate glasses

I cannot have a whole month of Treats and Sweets without including a few cocktails.


While I am not generally a sweet cocktail fan, every now and then I love to create a dessert drink. and I usually have fun making the edible shot glass it goes in.

Some of these are perfect for the fall and winter, others are fresh summery sippers. Some are really fun, all are really sweet…


s’mores shots in chocolate glasses


hot chocolate peppermint shots


spicy hot cinnamon shots


cherry mojito milkshake


strawberry habanero margaritas


cherry sorbet champagne floats


fresh and fruity sangria


lightened up Pina Coladas


homemade Baileys Irish cream recipe

and something to make with that Irish cream:


salted caramel spiked milkshake


Do you have a favorite sweet libation?



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