chocolate dipped sugared kale chips

What else was I going to do with kale during a ‘Treats and Sweets’ month?

Seriously, I came up with several ideas. Many that are not ready for spabettie just yet,

but these? Several taste testers have approved – vegan or not! They all loved these.

and to my surprise, they were still crunchy and crisp, even after a few days – still delicious!

chocolate dipped sugared kale chips

coconut sugar
chocolate  – melted 

Wash and dry kale. Tear / cut leaves into small pieces, removing ribs and stems. Arrange in single layer on baking pan or dehydrator sheet. Sprinkle with coconut sugar.

Oven: bake at 250-275 for 45 – 60 minutes.

Dehydrator: 145 for 2-3 hours.

Once dried, brush with chocolate and allow to dry. 

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    • spabettie says

      haa! I’m actually surprised that everyone makes such different things each week – no overlaps or similar recipes – such a creative group we are!

  1. says

    Woah…..I have some kale chips that I dried over the weekend. OOOH…I may go and get myself some chocolate to go with ’em. I would NEVER have put them together myself, but really, why not? Kale is good, chocolate is good…
    Have a great week Kris.

  2. says

    I went to Veg Fest in Portland last month and that was the first place I tried chocolate covered kale. Crazy party in your mouth for sure. So now I can make it at home and it’s got a nice extra sugar hit, too. Thanks. : )

    • spabettie says

      ooh, I didn’t get to attend Portland’s Veg Fest this year, I always love it so! these are so easy to make, enjoy!!

  3. says

    Whooaaaa. I would never have thought to put kale and chocolate in the same sentence. Awesome!

    I have to ask you… do you always bake your kale chips at such a low temp for such a long time? or just this recipe with the chocolate?

    • spabettie says

      and it is SO good! I was so happy with these, that they remained crispy with the chocolate, for days!

      I don’t bake mine, I use my dehydrator. I give the oven instructions as an alternative, and the low temp and time is as close to using a dehydrator as I can get. I know it can be done faster at higher temps, I’ve not done that.

    • spabettie says

      I know this isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea” – and have heard a few people saying so the last couple days – they were nicer about it though.

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