for the love of kale

by Kristina Sloggett

in Gluten Free,Guest Posts,Vegan

Regular readers know that spabettie has big love for kale.

I juice it, I make chips out of it, I learned how to massage it earlier this summer.

I wear my Eat More Kale shirt all the time, and have been asked by many where can I get a kale shirt? (If you’d like an awesome shirt, go support my friend Bo, he’s being sued by a company that thinks he took their tagline).

I have three of them.

I love kale so much I recently filled a waffle with kale.

What’s next? There isn’t much I wouldn’t do with kale.

Please go say hello to my friend Kristy at Gastronomical Sovereignty and take a look-see at my collection of kale!


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