peas and crayons

and deployments and homecomings.

My friend Jenn is currently enjoying her first few days of having her pilot back home, after his first seven month deployment. I go sideways when Jason has to leave for a week, flying just a few states away… I cannot even begin to imagine months and months on end. I greatly admire Jenn and her strength this last year.

The other side of Jenn is that she is super fun. When I have needed a laugh or a distraction, she is there with a fun email or chat. I talk more about the fun shenanigans on her site today – she is taking time off and asked me to guest post for her today.

Go visit Jenn, say hello! Basil is over there, too…




  1. says

    I NEED some of that spicy peanut soup.. and will be making it. Not sure about the soy curls though? Have never seen them… brand? Are they gluten-free… perhaps I should just go with the chickpeas.

    And… is that just soup poured over raw kale topped with raw cashews? That looks so awesome!

    The guest post was great.. nice of you to do that for a good friend.

    • spabettie says

      the brand that makes soy curls is Butler, and they are gluten free, they are from Eugene Oregon. I think they are becoming more well known, not sure if they are up North yet? I have used chickpeas many times, just as good! and yes – just raw kale, cashews… sometimes I add quinoa or brown rice. YUM – it’s one of our standards in the fall and winter…

  2. says

    I could not imagine Tony being gone for that long either. He was once gone for a month and I thought I was going to lose it by the time it was over. Jenn is truly a sweetheart and I do believe that surrounding yourself with great friends does help you get through the hard times.

    • spabettie says

      The longest Jason has been gone is … a week? I think? Last year he traveled a lot, he logged over 100 flights. He is traveling less now, which makes BOTH of us happy… wait, makes ALL of us happy (Basil too…)

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