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This is one party I am extremely late to – I am now on instagram. Basilgram. I won’t talk about the instant addiction, but if you want to see some candid shots of food and even more Basil, follow me? (spabettie)

Speaking of dogs, and photos of dogs, and … we weren’t speaking of hysterical laughter but…  THIS makes me laugh. I want to submit something.

If Portland wasn’t already a hugely awesome plant based mecca, our kick ass mayor does this.

But then there is something else going on in Oregon. I have a serious problem with this. What the WHAAAT? Insanity.

That extra happy when I order a three shot Americano, and they offer me the fourth shot because they had to make it anyway.

You all know I love my waffles, right? What you may not know is that I also love handbags. Therefore I must ask why, oh why can’t this be a real thing!?

Back to dachshunds, and Jason’s new cufflinks:

I have been listening to one Beastie Boys cd in my car since this day. On our road trip last month, I asked Jason to find a new cd – he put in Chumbawumba. Specifically, Tubthumper. I forgot how good that entire album is.

You are all now impressed with my up to date music collection.

Also impressive – the amount of cds in my car. All in their original cases. All over the place, stuffed in every pocket of every seat and door. Yes, I do have an iPod…

This took me right back to childhood:

This list of food words that should be banned is a hilarious read. “… editor says “enrobed” makes him think of Hugh Hefner — a decidedly unsavory thought.”   ^^ snort.

More hilarity, Christina’s post that is all animated GIF.

and finally, this:

is just so dang cute.


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